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DOOM Slayer

Hell Walker

DOOM Slayer

Hell Walker
start max
health 125 125
armor 25 50
speed 310 520


The UAC’s most remarkable discovery was in Hell’s Kadingir Sanctum. Surrounded by nearly impassable terrain, the team discovered a sealed tomb – its entrance and walls covered in protective runes and imprisonment incantations. The tomb revealed many artifacts, including the Praetor suit. Most notable, however, was an enormous sarcophagus bound to the center bedrock of the tomb with thick iron bands – seemingly anchored to prevent anything from getting in or out. It was believed this sarcophagus must hold a rare or powerful demon, but when later opened, it revealed the body of a man. Unrelenting; unforgiving; driven by a rage that cannot be contained. The Doom Slayer has been to Hell and brought it to its knees. He has no records, and he seems to vanish as quickly as he appears. The few witness accounts available detail a ruthless killer.



The DOOM Slayer releases his rage upon his enemies, relentlessly beating them to death with his bare hands. For 6 seconds he will pummel enemies for massive amounts of damage. If the ability if used again, DOOM will lunge at his enemy for one massive blow.

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