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August 24-26

QWC Finals Recap

The championships were split into two prongs – Duel mode and Sacrifice mode – and when the dust from the final matches cleared, it could easily be said one player rose above the rest, taking home the grand prize in both Duel and Sacrifice.

Octobter 20-22

Dreamhack Denver

Bethesda will host a $75,000 championship in Denver with competitors facing off in both the ultimate test of individual skill, Quake Champions’ Duel mode, as well as the intense, 4v4 team-based Sacrifice mode.

December 1-4

Dreamhack Winter

The best of the best will come together for the first Quake Champions Invitational to be held at DreamHack Winter in Sweden. The most elite professional players from around the world will compete for a prize pool of $350,000 in Duel and Sacrifice modes.

Made For Esports

Quake Champions was built from the ground up to be esports-friendly. That means all of the features that make it a great game for not only the competitors, but also the spectators. It also means a commitment to investing in the grassroots communities and organizations that make up the vibrant esports scene. Now get ready to compete - The arena rewards the skilled.