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Lockbox. Not even the ravenous gugs descend this deep into the Vaults, where the fetid mucus of countless bhole-worms drips ceaselessly into a cesspit of steel..

Lockbox - The blind oculus>


Defenders will attempt to utilize the protective back hall and a slipgate leading to high ground to protect the Obelisk beneath the Blind Oculus, but attackers can make their way through many entrances. Players knocked away risk sloshing through an acid moat at the base of the shrine. Ithagnal grants favor to those who can successfully navigate the Netherworld labyrinth, and movement and sure footing is certainly important here.

Lockbox - The Dread Balcony>

The Dread Balcony

Outside the Blind Oculus are two perimeter rooms, one upper and one lower. This upper room contains a high ground friendly to the attackers, but becomes troubling for escaping Soul carriers. Players wishing to flee Ithagnal’s gaze must take a risky jumppad to high or be forced to drop down to the treacherous lower Cleansing Hall.

Lockbox - Cleansing Hall>


Dropping down from the Dread Balcony comes with its own perils, as the lower room contains an acid trap surrounding the lightning gun spawn pedestal. Buttons on either end of the room can be shot to open the acid trap doors, dropping players into the acid vat below. Players quick to react can attempt to hop safely across the center pedestal.

Lockbox - Aeon Crystal>

Aeon Crystal

Along the upper route, beneath the light of a suspended shattered crystal lies a middle room between the two obelisks along the upper route. Here players fight for Heavy Armor and the Super Nailgun as they dance around the dangerous pit. Players can use the slipgate to see the high ground and gain access to the Railgun while fighting over the Power-up suspended in air above. Careful to not fall into the brutal pit, as players who slip can rarely save themselves from falling through to the lower Cesspool.

Lockbox - Cesspool>


Being in the Cesspool has its curses and its blessings. Players dropping from above may become easy targets if enemies have the room heavily guarded. Those lucky enough to control the room have easy access to the Rocket Launcher and Mega Health, two lower routes to each Obeslik and one slipgate that returns them back up top beneath the Aeon Crystal.

Lockbox - bridge>


Connecting mid to the second Obelisk is a three floored vertical chamber with a narrow bridge cutting through the center. Players have no easy means to move upward through this towering space, so best be prepared to make use of a rocket jump if needed. The lower level has a dangerous acid fall spilling into a pool, but a small prize lies behind for those who dare risk it.

Lockbox - Cavern Base>

Cavern Base

The Cavern Base is fairly protected, surrounded by an upper level with columns and cover, but Soul carriers who escape can use those chokepoints to their advantage to deny defenders from easily following. Players from either team should avoid being forced into the lower section. While a jumppad offers escape to an upper level, they will become an easy mid-air target.

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