August Patch Update 02.08.18


We’ll be deploying an update on 02.08.2018 that includes a new Champion: Death Knight, new vanity weapons: Redeemer & the limited-edition QuakeCon Heavy Machine Gun, Esports Showdown Bundle, the ability to select multiple playlists, Bots available in Custom Game and additional performance polish. We estimate the update process will take from 8AM EDT – 3PM EDT (12PM UTC to 7PM UTC).

New Champion: Death Knight

QC DeathKnightIntro12MB “Let me be forever at war.”

A new Champion rises from the fire to slake his unending desire for carnage! Available to play today, Death Knight will be a familiar face to Quake fans, as this armor-clad enemy sought to stop Ranger from defeating Shub-Ngurath with his fireball-spewing sword. The massive energies released by the Outer God’s defeat launched them both into the Dreamlands, and now Death Knight stalks him—and anyone else who crosses his path!

Medium Champion

  • 100 hp, 50/100 ap

Active Ability - Flame Strike

  • Summon a spread-fire of 3 fireballs from the swing of your sword that leave a trail of fire in their wake and engulf your enemies in flames

Passives: Charring & Forged Skin

  • Death Knight can catch opponents on fire with his flaming gauntlet and is resistant to fire & lava

Note: Death Knight will not be allowed as a playable Champion in the upcoming QuakeCon Open tournaments.

New Vanity Weapon: Redeemer

QC Q4 Gauntlet.12MB The Quake 4 Redeemer Gauntlet doesn’t have to be a last resort, but when you’re down and out you can always look towards it for some vindication

Limited Edition Vanity Weapon: QuakeCon 2018 Heavy Machinegun

QuakeConHMG960x540px Available only during QuakeCon 2018, login any time during the event from August 9-12 to receive this exclusive HMG skin!

Esports Showdown Bundle

QCEsportsShowdown960x540px Support Quake Esports with the Showdown Bundle! Available for a limited time, and comes with Quake 4 Redeemer Gauntlet, 200 Platinum, 2 Reliquaries, and 7 Day XP boost. Allows unlimited purchases!


  • Players can now multiselect individual Quick Play modes in Play Now
  • New TDM vs Bots playlist added
  • Bots are now available in Custom Game
  • New Music Added, preview of Andrew Hulshult’s soundtrack - Full details here.
  • Updated the Direction Hints to include a crouch indicator
  • Added an option to hide the Summary Stats from the HUD
  • Added options for Rewards Medals, so players can hide the Reward Medal from the HUD and only hear the Medal VO, or disable the Reward Medals UI & VO entirely
  • Added an option to hide the Frag Message from the HUD
  • Added an option to hide the Hit Markers from around the crosshair
  • Added a Zoom Sensitivity option to adjust your mouse sensitivity while zoomed-in
  • Re-added support for HRTF Audio
  • Players can now hit ESC during the Battle Report’s medal reward sequence to skip to the Summary and Scoreboard
  • Added Heatmaps to


Training Updates

  • Basic Training updated with additional UI & polish
  • Fixed an issue where player could wind up in floor geometry
  • All doors now close behind players as they proceed
  • Fixed an issue where small Health and Armor markers were using the Soul Icon in the Bot Area
  • Players are no longer required to complete their Starting Challenges before graduating from bots to human opponents


  • Fixed an issue where the X-ray colors for players with red/ blue outlines weren't functioning as intended
  • Fixed an issue when switching to a player in active ability, spectator could hear repeating audio
  • Fixed an issue for when in free-cam, nicknames in the death-log did not have proper color coding
  • Fixed an issue where the Spectators could see red shaders on a champ during their spawn animation
  • Fixed an issue where Spectators didn’t see HP/AP above enemies when switching off X-ray
  • Fixed various map issues where free cam would allow spectator through geometry
  • Fixed an issue on warmup where spectator may not see icons of picked champions
  • Fixed an issue where quickly changing cam mode and players before ending a match could sometimes show a champion from the death screen on the podium
  • Fixed an issue where the Spectator camera could become locked in any of the Auto Follow modes without notification that it was locked into that mode
  • Fixed an issue where Spectator could select Auto Follow Modes that didn't apply to the match
  • Fixed an issue where Auto follow killer mode for spectator presented a big delay after a kill
  • Fixed an issue where Spectators might see shifted effect on DOOM SLAYER's fists during Activie Ability BERSERK
  • Fixed an issue In Instagib mode, where the 'toggle spectator' hint is not opened
  • Fixed an issue in Custom game where the Spectator wasn't offered to reconnect in a closed session
  • Fixed an issue where the Soul POI (Point of Interest) remained above the heads of every user who held the Soul while using the Soul Auto Follow option
  • Fixed an issue where Auto Follow modes did not function properly


  • Fixed various crashes
  • Fixed an issue where User may end up with a greyed out Play button and lose the ability to matchmake
  • Fixed an issue for hang-ups on servers
  • Fixed an issue where Players were unable to move or fire at the beginning of matches


  • Added general localization polish


  • Fixed various issues where bots would get stuck on geometry
  • Reduced the size of the player hitbox that bots target, reducing their weapon accuracy and granting us more control over their weapon handling mechanics
  • Combat behavior improvements


  • Fixed an issue where a Memory Leak would occur if minimizing the game before the opening cinematic would play


  • Fixed an issue where the Confirmation window flashed when changing settings while on Player Profile screen
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the Game and Controls tabs in the Settings menu didn’t work consistently


  • Fixed an issue where Clutch's Mining Laser length was visibly shorter than its actual range in third person


  • Fixed an issue for Awoken where Shadows could show up as very dark throughout the map
  • Fixed an issue for Awoken where Pre-match podium screen displayed wrong Elder God icon


  • Players should no longer be able to redeem an in-use nickname, losing the rename token in the process


  • Fixed an issue where Shooting enemies directly at maximum range with the Tri-Bolt could cause additional splash damage to occur after all direct hits
  • Fixed an issue for Sacrifice where it could take 7 seconds to steal the soul from a captured obelisk instead of 3
  • Fixed an issue where Kill cam would not show for the players first death of the match

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