New Soundtrack Preview

Dearest Quakers,

You might have noticed (we know you did) that we've been using some fresh new music in a number of videos we’ve released in the past few months that you’ve never heard in Quake Champions. You may have also noticed (you’re very observant) the very recent soundtrack making-of videos we've been dropping like a fire mixtape on social w/ no explanation lately. Well, today we're delighted to finally announce the Who, What, Why, When and the Hold up a second!

  • Who Daf*q?

The new in-game soundtrack has been made with blood sweat & gibs by none other than the sweet metal Viking Andrew Hulshult. If you're not familiar with his work and have been living under an indie FPS rock, he recently scored the indie darling DUSK and is known for his tracks that appeared in the popular fan mod Brutal Doom.

  • What is this exactly?

This update will be a top to bottom, in-game music preview. Everything from the menu idle music to each map's theme music during the match; including the different theme music you hear whether you win or lose. Top to bottom – it’s the whole shebang.

  • Why Tho?

Because we've teased the heck out of you for months with using Andrew's tracks in videos we figured why not let you hear all of it in the intended context of the arena!

  • When?

Next update. Soon TM.

  • Hold up a second?!

In case you're thinking, "Did these guys just remove all of the in-game music made by former drummer for Nine Inch Nails & Marilyn Manson (to name a few), who's a pioneer industrial music god?!?" Yeah, but only for a second. Don't worry - the uber talented Grammy-winning Chris Vrenna's music that we all know and have been loving in-game since CBT isn't going away. We're just letting everybody experience Andrew Hulshult's new material for a little while. Both will be available in-game in good time.