March Patch Update 21.03.19

Greetings Champions,

Today's update includes Custom Game + PTS access free to all players, a new season of Free & Premium Battle Pass, lots of QoL updates (smarter bots in more modes now with abilities, custom crosshair size, soundtrack selection support), daily login rewards, twitch drops, and more!


Performance Optimizations

  • Server Networking Improvements
  • Client Rendering Improvements
  • Map Optimizations

Free Custom Game

Custom Game for all Players QC.Custom.Game.Free.960x540px

New Rewards and Store Offerings

Season 2 progression and rewards available, including:

  • 2 New Vanity Weapons: Flintlock Shotgun and Tesla Lightning Gun (see below)
  • 6 New Champion Vanities (See Below)


Sold at an auction, this unique flintlock shotgun was obtained at an estate sale in Virginia. The locals only knew him as Old Man Walter, uncertain if he had any living family.



A miracle of science and engineering, Dr. Tillinghast crafted this curiosity with no ill-intentions, he was merely fascinated as to whether it could be done.



These otherworldly wings were unlike anything Athena had ever seen, and she accepted them with great pride.



Clutch is unstoppable once he dons this high-powered Turbo. It dials up the power to 11 and beyond.



Death Knight ripped the Eye from the dying god's form as its body dissolved into ash. He only wanted the Eye; the rest was useless to him.



Enemies won't get far while the Laser Triangulator has them marked.



These are the spoils of a Sorlag's first solo hunt, where she proved her ability to thrive outside of the brood.



This system was designed to vent Visor's excess heat, by converting it to dispersed plasma runoff.



Created by community artist Xous54


There's only so much room for Chibi Champions in one image... But we didn't forget Visor #SaveTheBestForLast Visor-SD-200x200px

Quality of Life Updates

  • New Learn section
  • Slipgate & Sacrifice Return
  • Expanded Humans vs Bot Modes
  • Bot Improvements, including Abilities
  • Crosshair Size
  • Soundtrack Selection support, and the return of Chris Vrenna’s Soundtrack
  • Champion Balance, including a reworking of Clutch’s Barrier Shield

Twitch Drops

  • Drops are re-enabled once again, now dropping Shards and Reliquaries


Tech & Performance

  • Fixed issues on the server, where UDP sockets could be blocking and not send all of the packet data during a network update
  • Decreased the cost of rendering features, such as particles, to improve FPS consistency in busy combat
  • Removed hundreds of MBs of unused UI assets, this will help lower video memory consumption and improve load times
  • Fixed an issue where a player's settings would be set to Ultra instead of Medium when the system specs were not detected
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when selecting a Champion's artifact and clicking on Lore Codex on the Progression screen
  • Fixed a rare infinite loading screen and crash players could encounter while leaving a match.
  • Fixed an issue where gore pieces would twitch
  • Fixed players becoming stuck on loading screen while the match begins in the background
  • Fixed an issue where a player's Profile Champion will replace selected Champion while waiting in a matchmaking lobby
  • Fixed an issue where players would return to the Main Menu instead of back to Custom Game after completing a match with 1 human player

Client Launch

  • Reduced logo parade down from 4 scenes to 1 to shorten the loading sequence
  • Intro Cinematic now plays once on first launch, then auto-defaults off. Can be re-enabled in Video Settings

Daily Login Rewards

  • Daily Login Rewards return, players may now login daily to earn Shards, XP, Platinum, and Reliquaries


  • New players may now earn Scalebearer and Nyx through the tutorial Starting Challenges
  • New players must now complete one Humans vs Bots TDM match before unlocking the remaining Practice and Quick Play modes at Level 2

Main Menu

  • New slimmer "Q" HOME button
  • Added a LEARN section to the main nav
  • Updated Store Icon
  • Added a Battle Pass section to the main nav
  • Updated Watch icon
  • Removed the Battle Pass button that was located below Customization
  • Added a Confirmation Popup when purchasing locked Champions directly from the Main Menu
  • Fixed an issue where models on Main Menu would appear in low res after a match ends
  • The Free Champion Rotation now features 2 or more Champions each week.


  • Basics
  • Movement Introductions and Tutorials
  • Weapon & Item Stats
  • Progression Info
  • Matchmaking & Ranking Info


  • Store updated with new sections: Outfits and Weapons
  • Weapons and Outfits can now be purchased for full price directly in Customization, items featured in the Store are on discount
  • We have removed the Loot Box and XP Booster sections, and placed those items into Bundles
  • Replaced the previous real-money-transaction Champions Pack with a platinum purchase Quake Pack as a means to obtain all Champions
  • Added a Battle Pass token
  • Added new Chibi Icon Pack featuring artwork by community artist Xous54
  • XP Boosters increased from a +25% to +200% bonus
  • Discounted the price of Reliquary 10-pack by 50% from 4000 to 2000 platinum. Great value for new players who would like to unlock vanity weapons and outfits. A 10-pack yields 30 items, with 10 guaranteed legendaries.
  • Reduced price of 7-Day XP Boosters from 400 to 300 platinum
  • Reduced price of Rename Tokens from 1500 to 1000 platinum
  • Fixed an issue where “Maximum Amount Reached” would appear when hovering over a purchase button
  • Fixed an issue where player would see a negative number for the price when unlocking a Champion

Battle Pass

  • Season 2 Added! New rewards, including the Flintlock Shotgun, Visor Plasma Emissions System, and the Tesla Lightning Gun.
  • Rewards are now auto-granted at the end of a match upon leveling instead of requiring a physical claim on the Battle Pass; collect button is only available if items are available to collect
  • Total XP to complete Season 2’s Level 100 reduced to 55% of Season 1’s requirements
  • Added a DAYS REMAINING counter
  • Added quantity numbers to thumbnails along the path for platinum and shard rewards


  • Increased Twice as many shards available via Premium Challenges
  • Fixed an issue where tool tips wouldn’t appear over locked premium challenges.
  • We now no longer hide challenge info for locked premium challenges.
  • Added a countdown timer for time remaining on challenges
  • Added all Bot Practice modes to the game mode specific Weekly Challenges
  • Added a separate "Event Challenges" for Time Limited Challenge Sets


  • Added Elder God Lore, earned through Battle Pass progression
  • Alphabetized index of Champions

Progression Customization

  • Players can now unlock multiple progression points if they have enough Shard balance
  • Added a visual indicator for items you already own but have not progressed to yet
  • Improved the camera positions of all Attachment previews

Outfit Customization

  • All non-exclusive outfits are now available for purchase with platinum (visit the Store for items on discount)
  • Fixed a number of camera angles in customization
  • Fixed Strogg Tyrant attachments that were swapped
  • Two attachments unavailable through progression have now been granted to all players: the Visor Agent common torso attachment - Diagnostics Module and the Eisen Die Berechnung rare legs attachment - Syslink Boost. These attachments may now be equipped in Customization.
  • Fixed Sorlag's Reaper skin attachments text being swapped
  • Organized all Outfits by rarity
  • Fixed several grammatical errors in outfit descriptions
  • Removed the unused Presentations tab

Weapon Customization

  • Weapons: All non-exclusive weapons are now available for purchase with platinum (visit the Store for items on discount)

Settings UI

  • Fixed Settings drop down boxes remaining on-screen when player escapes from menu

HUD Settings

  • Added Crosshair Scale, used to increase or decrease the size of the crosshair

Control Settings

  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t change keybinds

Video Settings

  • Added Skip Opening Movie option. By default, the movie will now play on first launch, and then default off. Players can use this option to re-enable the video on start-up.

Audio Settings

  • Soundtrack Selector (Random/Vrenna/Hulshult)

Player Profile

  • Fixed Player Profile page refreshing while already on the page
  • Removed “Last 30 Days” text from Medals and Statistics tabs. The stats displayed in these sections are lifetime aggregates.
  • Fixed the rarity level of the Level 100 Ranger animated nameplate reward

Contact List

  • Fixed list becoming unresponsive and forcing a restart

Match Making & Play

  • Removed 20 second pre-queue delay
  • Removed 10 second pre-vote timer
  • Increased Join-Server-in-Progress time for team games, to allow players more time to replace bots who have backfilled for disconnected players

Play Menu

  • Added a new Humans vs Bots “Practice” Menu
  • Added CTF, Slipgate, and Sacrifice to the list of Bot Practice Modes
  • Updated Quick Play to a large form factor to contain all PvP game modes
  • Added “First Game of the Day” XP Bonuses for playing Quick Play, Practice or Ranked
  • Removed Arcade Menu
  • Removed Tutorial Section

Custom Game

  • Custom Game is now unlocked and available to all players
  • Fixed mouse deadzones on Bot Champion Selection menu
  • Fixed Custom Game Settings scroll bar breaking when clicking anywhere on the bar
  • Fixed an issue where the changing of a party leader would cause lobby UI elements to be drawn on top of the Settings menu


  • Fixed players being unable to return to the lobby after opening the Player Profile screen
  • Fixed issue where all Champions would be marked as "Picked" during Duel Champion selection
  • Fixed 4 player team podium being used for 2v2 TDM Ranked matches


  • Fixed long or eternal warmups forced upon by players or spectators hitting ESC or disconnecting during map loading
  • Reduced maximum spawn protection time from 5 to 3 sec
  • Fixed AFK timer to only accumulate AFK time while you’re alive, so eliminated players do not time-out


  • Fixed weapon fire audio becoming muffled during music transition
  • Fixed HMG weapon fire audio playing inconsistently in 3rd person
  • Fixed Clutch's Champion selection VO being very quiet
  • Fixed several of Keel's medal VO's being said in the incorrect language
  • Fixed English announcer VO playing for all languages


  • Added support for abilities, excluding Strogg & Peeker and Doom Slayer
  • Bot weapon handling fixed when in close quarters battle
  • Bot CTF/Sacrifice/Slipgate gameplay improvements
  • Bot flag/soul carrier self preservation improvements
  • Bot Combat behaviors/movements (circle strafing, better dodging, etc.)
  • Higher skilled bots will no longer steal major items from needy human teammates
  • Fixed various bot navigation issues in maps
  • Disabled bots in Free For All and FFA-based modes
  • Lowed the maximum average match skill rating in which Bots will fill in a lobby from 1300 to 1000 SR
  • Improved the bot skill level for bot backfill
  • Fixed bots not being removed from FFA games, and overpopulate the match


  • Added a mercylimit. If a team takes the lead by 8 captures, they will be victorious, and the match will end.
  • Added Sudden Death: If Round 2 is tied when the timelimit is reached, time extends until a capture occurs
  • Player Respawn time reduced from 5 to 3 seconds
  • Fixed issue where Nyx could duplicate a flag using Ghost Walk
  • Fixed Scoring Between Rounds exploit
  • Fixed Totems or Turrets thrown just before round transition remaining spawned at beginning of next round
  • Fixed for CTF Flag visibility issues for players who joined a match already in progress
  • Removed misplaced pickup effects from the flag
  • Keep the score screen up for Spectators during round transition


  • Updated Sacrifice to use the new and improved Slipgate/CTF POI system
  • Fixed visual issues with the Obelisk for players who joined a match already in progress


  • No longer plays the elimination sound during warmup
  • Slipgate spectator: only show the splash screen on warmup countdown (not all deaths)

TDM 2v2

  • Fixed 2v2 starting as 1v1 in rare occasions.


  • Disabled spawn protection
  • Tri-bolt was incorrectly available in warmup.


  • Fixed Speedometer remaining onscreen despite being disabled in Settings
  • Fixed an issue where Galena’s totems wouldn’t be removed from the HUD between rounds
  • Fixed issue where Death Knight's cooldown timer would not display correctly after using ability just before dying
  • Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor could appear during matches until restarting the game
  • Centered the CTF flag icon
  • Updated Sacrifice and Slipgate POI markers to show objective and distance
  • Fixed issue where spectators would not see Galena's ability go into cooldown
  • Fixed issue in elimination-based game modes where viewing the scoreboard while transitioning to spectator resulted in death screen info remaining visible


  • Removed Battle Report medal animations to shorten the reward sequence
  • Sped up Battle Report XP animation
  • Sped up Battle Report reward sequence
  • Sped up Battle Report challenge sequence
  • XP from Daily and Weekly Challenges are now included in the XP progress bar and Earned XP report


All Champions

  • Fixed Champion scale on pillars and podiums (Clutch was too large, Keel was too small, etc)
  • Fixed several Champions missing gore textures


QC char head anarki Anarki

  • Injection now clears damage over time debuffs

QC char head athena-1 Athena

  • Athena scale 1.05 to 1.1 (visuals & hitbox)
  • Reduced max damage received to detach from 90 to 50
  • Grapple linear pull initial impulse decreased from 480 to 400 ups
  • Grapple linear pull initial speed decreased from 720 to 400
  • Grapple linear pull max speed decreased from 800 to 700
  • Grapple swing velocity max speed decreased from 1200 to 1000 ups
  • Grappling hook attach deadzone radius decreased from 240 to 68 u
  • Grappling hook rope length extended from 1600 to 4000
  • Fixed Athena's Coalition hair not hiding when the hair is gibbed

QC char head wolf B.J. Blazkowicz

  • BJ Dual Wield duration 5 to 5.4s, to give a full 5 seconds of Duel Wield after the 400ms ability activation delay
  • BJ Dual Wield rof for slow firing weapons fixed, 1.3x rate

QC char head clutch Clutch

  • Clutch scale 1.15 to 1.2 (visuals & hitbox)
  • Clutch added hand and feet hitspheres
  • Shield Barrier no longer blocks incoming shots
  • Shield Barrier now reduces incoming damage by 50%
  • Shield Barrier is now a sphere around Clutch
  • Shield Barrier no longer lowers when firing
  • Shield Barrier can no longer see a Nyx in Ghostwalk
  • Fixed an issue where Clutch would push other players away when their collision collided

QC char head knight Death Knight

  • Fixed issue where Cyrellian War Rig legs would not have Powerups glow effects
  • Fixed Death Knight's feet sliding around during podium animations
  • Fixed Death Knight's gauntlet flashlight issue

QC char head eisen Eisen

  • Serialize the server's turret target position to set the aiming direction on the client

QC char head galena Galena

  • Increased the size of the “Revenant Shield” shield vanity

QC char head keel Keel

  • Keel added new Passive: Reinforced - 10% reduced splash damage
  • Keel's grenades still visually alternate, but now shoot from center to making aiming consistent and reliable

QC char head nyx Nyx

  • No changes

QC char head ranger Ranger

  • Ranger's passive splash damage reduction fixed, reduced from 79 to 75

QC char head bearer Scalebearer

  • Bull Rush speed thresholds reduced by 1 ups each, (400 to 399; 500 to 499), to account for fractional fluctuations in a players ups
  • Increased the size of the “Arcane Blessing” sword vanity

QC char head sorlag Sorlag

  • Sorlag maxspeed 18 to 17 (720 to 680)
  • Removed the Crouch Strafe Jump behavior that allowed her to remain at high speeds while crouch jumping
  • Fixed an issue where Sorlag would push other players away when their collision collided

QC char head strogg Strogg & Peeker

  • No changes

QC char head visor Visor

  • Visor scale 1.05 to 1.075 (visuals & hitbox)


QC-200px-Rocket Launcher Side Rocket Launcher

  • Fixed issue where Peacemaker rocket launcher was not animating a rocket being loaded

qc-200px-Railgun Railgun

  • Removed distortion effect that would randomly leave black artifacts on the railgun trail



  • Fixed Light Armor position near LG
  • Awoken optimized to run more smoothly and not experience drops
  • Fixed the tri-bolt spawn platform that was clipping into the floor
  • Added Nailgun ammo to TDM/Duel game modes
  • Improved performance through optimizations including the reduction of polycounts


  • Fixed bots being unable to reach ledge in pillar room in Blood Covenant Fixed Ranger being able to use ability to reach Sacrifice-only areas while in other game modes
  • Fixed various locations in Blood Covenant where Ranger could teleport into the walls and fall out of the world
  • Fixed where Galena could place a totem behind the balcony ledge behind the heavy armor and hide it from other players.
  • Fixed wooden ceiling sections above stairs that would not produce bullet decals
  • Added weapon collision to the outer walls around Obelisk B
  • Added low-res clip around teleporter to prevent Gore and Ragdolls from clip through geometry
  • Fixed an issue where a free cam spectator clips into the ceiling near the Obelisk A room
  • Fixed a dirt pile that clipped through stone on floor near the Entry Hall doorway to the Undercroft
  • Fixed Z-fighting on metal binding between stone blocks on floor near Obelisk A
  • Fixed a small hole where the player could see out of the level through small hole in the doorway leading from the Blood Pool to the Shotgun spawn.
  • Fixed the collision on 3 pillars in the side rooms around Obelisk B had collision that extended too far
  • Fixed an issue where users could clip into geometry along the buttresses in the ceiling of the Blood Pool room


  • Fixed the dark lighting on the podium


  • Re-clipped rocky areas near Mega Health
  • Unclipped lava flows on the ground
  • Fixed bots becoming stuck on ledges near Tri-bolt spawn in Burial Chamber
  • Fixed several LOD issues in Burial Chamber
  • Fixed issue where players could become stuck under the cathedral in Burial Chamber
  • Fixed an issue where these was missing geometry below the podium
  • Fixed an issue where two sets of rock geometry clip into each other in corner between Cathedral/Courtyard exits
  • Fixed an issue where pieces of the sandy terrain were floating over the surface of the floor around the archway between the Side Alcove and the Exterior Courtyard
  • Fixed an issue where the rock ceiling in the Exterior Courtyard and Side Alcove rooms did not have weapon collision
  • Fixed an issue where the fire sconces in the side Mausoleum and the Central Cathedral clipped into the wall texture
  • Fixed an issue where a brick was clipping through wall near jump pad in the Broken Bridge Overlook
  • Fixed an issue where there was Z-fighting on second floor pillar bases. Additional geometry was added to the bases of the pillars
  • Fixed an issue where a player could encounter aerial collision that blocks clear shots when launching in the air from the MG spawn towards the entrance to the bridge area.
  • Fixed an issue where there was z-fighting on the side of the bridge at the top ledge.
  • Fixed an issue where there were misplaced shadow textures next to the rear jump pads in the Side Mausoleum.
  • Fixed an issue where there was a square patch of shadow texture appears oddly on the wall on the Broken Bridge overlook by the Mega Health
  • Fixed an issue where the block staircase in the Central Cathedral room could not be easily navigated without jumping on the map Burial Chamber


  • Fixed flickering textures in the corners under the balcony overlooking powerup spawn area low settings
  • Fixed inverted stone decorations leading into the chapel
  • Improved collision on the Decrepit Tree to reduce the chance of the soul or flag getting caught
  • Added additional collision to prevent the Soul from sticking to ledges in Graveyard area
  • Fixed a hole in the floor geometry on the upper platform in the Excavation Room
  • Fixed an issue where the pillars in the Lower Catacombs have railings that were unfinished on the bottom
  • Fixed an issue where Z-fighting appeared near the doorway to the Excavation room
  • Fixed a portion of base board missing in the Twisting Corridor
  • Fixed an issue where a sand texture stopped abruptly in front of the wall near the Decrepit Tree
  • Fixed an issue where the trim and a couple of the pillars appeared to be floating slightly off the ground in the Twisting Corridor
  • Fixed an issue where bricks clip through the metal trim under the ledge in the Blood Fountain area on low settings. The metal trims were removed
  • Fixed an issue where there was a seam in the upper staircase leading to the Chapel.
  • Fixed an issue where Z-fighting appeared on the floor molding by the archway pillar in the Cleared Hall
  • Fixed an issue where players could see through the Floor molding geometry in the Blue Room
  • Fixed the clipping on the wall around the mid-section ledge where players were getting hung up
  • Fixed an issue where some of the small stone decorations are inverted in the walls leading into the chapel


  • Fixed hole in the wall in Citadel by Red Outdoor Hallway where Peeker could fly through and see through walls
  • Fixed the death cam follow from getting detached
  • Fixed several clipping issues in Citadel
  • Removed excessive jump points which would cause the bots to jump back and forth before dropping down near obelisks/flag base
  • FFA mode now uses unified ammo packs
  • Fixed an issue where the lava hazard damage in Citadel is inconsistent with all other maps
  • Fixed an issue in the central hall where the grates covering fire were inconsistent as map hazards. They both cause damage now
  • Fixed an issue where a rock in the central hall appeared to have no textures when on low settings. The rock was removed
  • Fixed an issue where texture seams appear on the beveled edges of the archways on the walls in various locations
  • Fixed an issue where lighting in the level bled through the bottom portions of the map
  • Fixed an issue where bots did not take the bottom Portal by the Obelisk A


  • Clipped the grated floor at Heavy Armor
  • Fixed Corrupted Keep exploit where players could avoid kill volume
  • Fixed an issue where the sand texture against the wall appeared slightly distorted
  • Fixed an issue were the player could see his enemy through the bottom of the platform near Mega Health pickup
  • Improved performance through optimizations including the reduction of polycounts


  • Fixed issue where MH door would sometimes not close in Lockbox
  • Removed extra RG ammo from Lockbox stairway
  • Fixed Peeker and Turrets are taking damage when placed on the trapdoor below the Lightning Gun
  • Fixed an issue where Strogg’s drone could clip through open area near mega health platform
  • Fixed an issue where there were no nav mesh jumps around the acid fountain
  • Fixed an area near tribolt that had navmesh going into kill volume that bots could fall into


  • Unclipped invisible wall behind top of LG jumppad, so players can be knocked out of the ring and die
  • Unclipped the Mega Health grate, to allow both shots through from above and below. (Currently all weapons other than nails.)
  • Fixed issue where Sorlag would be unable to use RL teleporter in Ruins of Sarnath if in the air
  • Fixed Lower Teleporter exit by Tri-Bolt which wasn’t allowing Telefrags to occur
  • Fixed an issue where certain bricks near Obelisk A hd low resolution textures
  • Fixed an issue where stone floor trim textures were clipping into the grating around the Nailgun spawn
  • Fixed a small gap in geometry that was visible in the Courtyard room near Nailgun Spawner
  • Fixed a texture seam that was visible on a rock on the broken wall
  • Fixed an issue where players could be seen through the wall behind a jumpad
  • Fixed an issue where the metal wall decorations along the left of the back wall are not connected to the stone wall around them
  • Fixed an issue where a vine was clipping through the ceiling in the stairway between the Eyeball Room and the Flooded Area
  • Fixed an issue where a vine in the Corkscrew Room had Z-fighting
  • Fixed a small Texture Seam is visible on the floor of the doorway leading from the Corkscrew Underside room to the Side Room in Obelisk A
  • Fixed an issue where geometry disappeared when looking a certain direction near the Stone Alcove in the Flooded Area


  • Removed clipping from some ground clutter, such as the wooden planks above Mega Health
  • Improved clipping on large block stairs between LG and the sea
  • Improved performance through optimizations including the reduction of polycounts


  • Fixed overlapping textures in Longest Yard
  • Fixed floating bolts on Power-up platform in Longest Yard
  • Fixed missing collision on side of platform in Longest Yard
  • Fixed missing collision on pillar in Longest Yard
  • Fixed missing brick texture on outside of wall in Longest Yard
  • Improved performance through optimizations including the reduction of polycounts


  • Clipped the grated floor at Power-Up
  • Clipped the grated floor between railgun and teleporter
  • Removed some invisible walls outside of the game space
  • Fixed Molten Falls spectator cameras being able to leave map boundaries
  • Fixed missing ambient audio in Molten Falls
  • Unclipped the column top at Mega Health
  • Fixed where Players can use a hole in the geometry near teleporter to use abilities and weapons through wall


  • Fixed player clipping into ceiling when traveling through LG teleporter from above in Vale of Pnath
  • Adjusted clipping that could cause the player to get caught on geometry above the jump pad in the Mega Health room
  • Fixed players take damage while standing on the ground near the Railgun acid pool


  • Fixed the Soldier On steam achievement


  • PTS has now been unlocked and is accessible to all players on and Steam! More details to follow.

ICYMI - New XP Scoring System

QC Champion Progression BODY 960x540

In case you missed it, check out all the details on how our new XP Scoring System works. It's how you level up through the ranks of the Free and Premium Battle Pass! Catch the full recap in an article here.

Don't Forget to Order a Quake Champions - Scalebearer Edition!

Scalebearer Edition960x540px This awesome bundle features a hand-painted, 12” tall Scalebearer statue, the Champions Pack and an exclusive Oni Skin! Full details on how order from anywhere in the world here.