New XP Scoring System


There’s a new revamped XP Scoring System in town & it’s your new best friend.

TLDR; Active players in both Public and Custom games will receive more XP for participating, and players who perform exceptionally well will be rewarded for it with signifigant XP gains. On the flip side, idle/afk players in Public and Custom games will receive significantly less XP.

Due to overwhelming player feedback (thank you for that as always), we’ve updated the way the game distributes XP based on a new XP Scoring System which decreases the XP awarded for idle passive participation and increases the XP awarded for active engagement.

Some examples:

  • Increased Kills from 3 to 100
  • Increased Assists 1 to 50
  • Increased Medals 7-35 to 10-50
  • Increased 1st Place 35 to 500
  • Increased 2nd Place 17 to 250
  • Increased 3rd Place 7 to 100
  • Increased MVP 17 to 50
  • Decreased Match Completion 1120 to 50
  • Decreased First Game 700 to 250
  • Decreased First Win 1400 to 250

This will lower the average earned XP for idle/afk players from 1500-2000 to about 350-500. Active players, depending on their performance, should earn an average of 2k-8k XP per match; significantly more than what was on the live build. This should help players get over the progression hump they have experienced near Level 35.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve also greatly increased the Custom Game XP output to nearly match Live Public games for Kill, Assist and Medal bonuses. However, we of course removed entirely the bonuses for Match Completion, First Game, First Win. So now players who over index in Custom Game matches with friends or practicing with bots will now earn a proper amount of XP towards their BattlePass goals. Of course, we’re preventing AFKers from Custom Game farming as well.

So, when does this new XP Scoring System roll out? How about right now. It’s already live fam.

Thanks to everybody who’s been contributing constructive feedback - we really appreciate you all! :D

See you in the arena!