Introducing the revamped Champion Progression system and the all-new Quake Champions Battle Pass!

Much like the combatants that step into the Arena, we at Quake Champions like to be quick on our feet. We do our best to listen to feedback and work towards making the game as fast, frenzied and fun as it can be for everyone.

That’s why we’re excited to announce some major changes to the progression system of Quake Champions. By revising these features, we aim to improve how players earn rewards for their hard-earned experience – as well as introduce a completely new way to get rewards that fraggers old and new will appreciate!

The improved Champion Progression system

We’re revamping how players unlock cosmetic items in Quake Champions, focusing on an entirely new Champion-focused system that gives players more control over what they earn.

As you complete certain challenges, the new system rewards you in Shards. These Shards differ from the ones you currently know – instead of unlocking random items through Chests, these new Shards can be spent in Champion Progression to earn cosmetics for the Champion of your choosing. No more redundancies or relying on luck to get what you want!

By checking the progress bar of your selected Champion, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and what other unlocks you’ll become closer to earning. This means the more you play, the more armor sets, accessories, shaders, and even Lore Scrolls you can earn - exclusively for the Champs you love!

Introducing new player rewards and the Battle Pass

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the new-and-improved Champion Progression system, we’re also making changes to our player rewards system - adding another way for you to earn cool stuff!

Quake Champions will still level up players as they duke it out, complete challenges and earn experience. Only now, when your level reaches a rewards milestone, you’ll earn all kinds of cool items such as shaders, vanities and even Shards for Champion Progression. This new rewards system shows a clear track of what rewards are available, letting players know exactly what kind of loot they can earn and when they’ll get them.

Want to take things a step further? Upgrade with the Battle Pass! For just 1,000 Platinum, the Battle Pass sweetens the new rewards system by expediting player progress, adding bonus rewards milestones and granting access to special exclusive content!

QC Battle Pass in-body EN

To make room for Champion Progression, the new player rewards system and the Battle Pass, we will overhaul the current loot box and currency systems that currently exist in Quake Champions. To learn more about these changes, check out our FAQ.

Curious what kind of juicy rewards await in the Arena? Keep an eye on @Quake on Twitter and for the latest updates!