FAQ: Champion Progression, Battle Pass, and Game Economy update

Frag. Level up. Unlock rewards.

How do I get the Battle Pass?

Once our December Update launches, all players will begin earning free rewards immediately! Players can unlock even MORE loot by purchasing the Battle Pass at any time during the season for 1000 Platinum.

How do I level up my Battle Pass?

You’ll earn XP to unlock new rewards simply by playing Quake Champions. Earn bonus XP by completing Daily and Weekly Challenges. Battle Pass players get access to additional Challenges to level up even faster! Can’t wait? You can purchase additional levels for 200 Platinum.

What happens if I purchase the Battle Pass later in the season?

All rewards up to and including your current level will be retroactively applied!

How long does a season last?

Season 1 will be about 3 months long.

Will I get to keep my rewards after the season ends?


What will happen to loot boxes and currency?

After the December Update, players will no longer earn new Backpacks or Chests. You will still be able to open any Backpacks or Chests you already own! Reliquaries will still be available for purchase and as rewards, but will not contain any items in the current free Rewards System or the Battle Pass.

Every 300 Shards will be automatically converted into a Chest. (Any Shards under 300 will also earn you a Chest.) The value of Shards will also be rebalanced: with our new Champion Progression system, players can use Shards to unlock the cosmetic items they want, for the Champions they want. Each Shard can be used to unlock an item in the Champion Progression system. Favor will be converted to into Backpacks.

Any duplicate items from Backpacks or Chests opened after the December Update will reward these new, more valuable Shards.

How can players unlock Champions?

After the December Update, Players can use Shards earned to unlock Champions. Players can also still unlock Champions with Platinum.

How does the new Champion Progression system work?

Players now have complete choice over which Champion they want to earn cosmetic rewards for—and a clear path to see when each reward unlocks. As players earn Shards by completing certain Weekly Challenges, they can use those Shards to unlock new items for the Champions of their choice in a linear unlock system. Each Shard will unlock 1 Champion-specific item.

What happens if I previously unlocked an item that is in the Battle Pass or on a specific Champion’s Progression?

Most items in the Battle Pass are brand new to Quake Champions. Some items in the free Rewards System may be current items; if you have already unlocked an item in the Rewards System, you will receive a Shard instead. Through the Champion Progression system, you can unlock Champion Skins, Shaders, Vanity items, and more; any item you already own will be skipped over in the Champion’s Progression path, allowing you to unlock the next available item with a Shard.

Does the Champion Progression system replace the Rune Book?

Yes. Runes are going away in the December Update. Any Runes which you have at least partially progressed will be automatically completed, and you will receive the rewards for those Runes. Any Favor or Shards earned from completed Runes will be automatically converted into Backpacks and Chests, respectively.

What happens to Rune rewards like the Elder God animated shaders?

Prior to the December Update, completing an Elder God's Runes would unlock a final challenge to earn that Elder God's animated shader. This challenge must already be unlocked and have progress towards it for it to auto-complete and grant the Elder God's shader in the December Update.

If you don't have it unlocked, don't worry: these Rune rewards will be available for all players to unlock through each Champion's individual Progression!

What happens to Lore Scrolls?

Lore Scrolls and Lore Skins will be unlocked linearly through the Champion Progression system. Lore Scrolls will have no Shard cost to unlock. Lore Scrolls will no longer be dropped as end-of-match rewards.

How do Challenges work?

Completing Daily and Weekly Challenges is the best way to earn XP! (And Shards with specific Weekly Challenges.) Daily Challenges change each day. Weekly Challenges will stick around for the entire season until you complete them! Premium Battle Pass players will receive additional Weekly Challenges to earn even more XP.