Quake Fall Update - Now Available!


Our Fall Update is now LIVE with two new modes; new Battle Pass content; balance changes; bug fixes; and more!



We’re kicking off the new season with a new ranked mode and a Leaderboard reset. Everyone begins Season 4 with a clean slate and can begin qualification matches on day 1, no need to level up before jumping into the fray. To test everyone’s skills, we’ve added Time Limit Duel to Ranked Play, which has been in the forefront since QuakeCon and the launch of the new Quake Pro League and Challenger Cups.

Now is a great time to challenge yourself in Ranked Play, completed your qualification matches, and work your way up the Leaderboard. Participating in Ranked Play is a great way to improve your skills, challenge yourself, and eventually prove yourself – and hopefully have some fun along the way. :)

How does Time Limit Duel work?

  • Objective. Choose 1 Champion, pre-selected prior to the match and are locked into place for the duration of play. Earn the most frags in 10-minutes, or first to twenty frags to win! If players are tied at the end of 10-minutes, players enter into Sudden Death and pressure mounts as the next frag leads to victory.
  • In Custom Game, TLD works just as you have come to know it. Two players in the Custom Game Lobby have an unlimited amount of time to make their Champion choices, with no restrictions. Players can increase the frag count, choose to disable abilities, or agreed to house rules for their Champion and map selections. Once the Party Leader is ready, they initiate the match and off you go!
  • In Ranked Play, TLD is largely the same, but with one new twists – blind picks. Once you have been matched with an opponent, each player will be given 15 seconds to decide who they wish to play. There are no restrictions on who you get to play, and your choice is made in private. You may have a favorite Champion that you always wish to play, you may make a decision based on the map voted upon, or you may want to make a strategic choice by attempting to guess who your opponent may select if you happen to have know their playstyle. Once both players have locked in their selections, the Champion matchups are revealed in-game when you see the two Champions face-off before entering warm-up. We hope you enjoy this classic staple of Quake Duel.


Battle Pass Season 4 progression and rewards are now available, including:

20 New Battle-Pass exclusive Rewards:

  • 3 Champion Vanities: (see below)
  • 5 Fall Nameplates
  • 1 Animated Nameplate
  • 5 Fall Profile Icons
  • 6 Volkerh Lore Scrolls, earn the complete set to unlock Volkerh Weapon Shaders

Additional Battle-pass Rewards:

  • 10 Vanity Weapons, including:
    • PUMMEL Gauntlet
    • OSCILLATOR Nailgun
    • CESS RIFLE Heavy Machinegun
    • TRESPASSER Super Shotgun
    • DISRUPTOR Super Nailgun
    • PURGATOR Tri-bolt
    • MOONSTRIKER Rocket Launcher
    • CONDUCTOR Lightning Gun
    • VIOLATOR Railgun
    • GRAVEDIGGER Machinegun
  • 2 Seasonal Vanities
  • 6 Volkerh themed Profile Icons
  • 750 Platinum
  • 132 Shards
  • 20 Reliquaries, each contains 3 items, with at least one item of legendary quality
  • 1 XP Booster
  • Bonus Progression beyond Level 100, players can earn an additional 10 Reliquaries and 100 Shards.


These phantom limbs haunt Ranger’s every move, flailing his mind and waiting for him to drop his guard.



Designed for massive assaults on population centers, the Assimilator set was equipped with all the tools necessary to induce the Stroggifcation process, leaving victims writhing in the streets for deployed Technicians to add them to the hive.



Even the creatures of the night are prey to the Ash King.



We’ve added a new game mode to Quick Play, a classic take on Free-For-All where Ranger has found himself trapped in a nightmare from when he had first entered the Dreamlands. With the all-mother Shub still up to no good and no Dire Orb at his disposal, Ranger only has his trusty Gauntlet and Machinegun at his side, along with any weapons he can add to his arsenal along his way.

  • Ranger-only Deathmatch
  • Spawn with Gauntlet, Machinegun, 125/100 HP, 0/100 AP
  • No spawn protection
  • Slower weapon respawn
  • On death, players drop weapon but do not drop shards


ALL (applicable)

  • Removed 2 second delay on ending Sudden Death. This would allowed additional score changes after the sudden death requirement was met, leaving the match with odd and undesirable ranking results

DUEL (Rounds and Timelimit)

  • Lowered the chat position when the scoreboard is displayed


  • Spawn with Overmax Health
  • Spawn with Overmax Armor
  • Disabled self-damage
  • Disabled health, armor, and ammo spawns
  • Scorelimit raised from 5 to 7


  • Capture time increased from 90 to 120 seconds


  • Removed Power-Up spawning – Could return in future updates, but for this season we’re going to try UHT without power-ups!

PRACTICE TDM (Bot Matches)

  • Added The Longest Yard to Bot TDM map voting pool


Overview (Stereo & Surround)

  • Improved directional positioning
  • Reduced volume of ambient sounds
  • Updates & fixes to reduce sound cutting out when a large number of sounds were playing
  • Reduced the volume of teammates and weapon fire not directed at you, to help you isolate and target the enemies that are immediate threats
  • Unified character sounds to a 32m (1280 u) sound radius. Most of these sounds had a radius of 37.5m (1500 u) but varied. As a comparison for those familiar with our previous titles, the max sound distance in Quake Live is 1250u.
  • Unified and reduced weapon firing and explosion sounds from 70m (2800 u) to 45m (1800 u) radius.
  • Added player respawn sounds audible within a 20m (800 u) radius
  • Added third-person weapon switching sound events, you can now hear enemies switch weapons within a 20m (800 u) radius
  • Fixed BJ-Duel Wield sounds
  • Fixed Tri-bolt Quad sound
  • Added ~250 new VO lines, increasing the diversity but not frequency of VO

HRTF 3D Positional Sound (Beta)

Improvements and fixes made to the HRTF Beta, but is currently only recommended for matches with small player counts, such as Duel. Want to try HRTF 3D Positional Sound? Be sure to check the following:

  • Set in-game Speaker Configuration to Stereo
  • Enable HRTF before you play, HRTF can only be enabled or disabled in Settings while not in-game
  • You must be using Stereo Headphones. Special headphones are not needed, you can use anything from Ear Buds to Studio Monitor Headphones, but headphones that have Surround Sound features should have those features disabled or they would not be recommended.
  • Spatial Sound in windows should be set to (Off)
  • Disable any other Windows or audio driver level Surround Sound simulations or environmental effects

Changes & Fixes

Hit Boxes

  • Increased the radius of the existing Torso Capsule to 0.4m (16u) for all Champions, giving a consistent center mass hitbox. Arms, legs, and head hit volumes still exist as additional hit areas

Play Now UI

  • New Deathmatch Icon

Scoreboard UI

  • Added Kill/Death Ratio to all non-Duel Scoreboards
  • We no longer show your player at the top of your team’s scoreboard regardless of placement

Leaderboard UI

  • Removed the unused Season dropdown

Player Profile UI

  • Removed the unused Achievement tab

Control Settings

  • Updated Zoom Sensitivty to use auto-scaling focal length sensitivity
  • Added ‘Auto-Scale Zoom Sensitivity’ option. Recommend and enabled by default, this will apply focal length scaling to your mouse sensitivity while zoomed. When disabled, there is no auto-zoom scaling and the Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier will be applied directly to your mouse sensitivity, allowing you more control over your zoom sens.
  • Updated Control Settings layout to support new options, keep weapon and movement binds “above the fold” and position the often adjusted mouse sensitivity values closer to the Save button
  • Added greater precision to the Mouse Sensitivity, Pitch, Yaw, Mouse Accel, Mouse Accel Offset, Mouse Accel Sensitivity Cap, and Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier sliders

Audio Settings

  • We now show values on the Audio Sliders
  • Added two classic Quake Live Kill Beep options: Bell and ChaChing

Upgraded to the latest Bethesda.net SDK

  • The latest bnet infrastructure to minimize errors generated from our legacy implementation


  • Misc fixes, including various typos in champion descriptions, challenges, removed gender-specific references from medals, generalized obelisk medals to be inclusive of CTF events


All Champions

  • Air Acceleration / Strafing Updates
  • Strafing will now feel like previous Quake titles.
    • Light’s accel increased 0.85 to 1.0
    • Medium’s accel increased 0.9057232 to 1.065557*
      • Exception of Visor, who’s Passive grants him the base speed and air accel of a light Champion
    • Heavy’s accel increased 0.9671111 to 1.137778


  • Hoverboard becomes silent after Anarki has remained still for a short period of time

Death Knight

  • Flame Wall lifetime increased from 3 to 5 seconds


  • Repurpose passive from Armor Pickups reduced on Heavy Armors from 20% to 10% and on Light Armors from 10% to 5% cooldown recovery


  • Channeling passive from Mega Health reduced from 20 to 10% cooldown recovery
  • Unholy Totem is no longer invulnerable during deployment.
  • Unholy Totem activation delay reduced from 0.75 to 0.5 seconds


  • Increased Grenade Bounce coefficient from 0.35 to 0.5


  • Ranger Dire Orb collision increased from a point to 0.05m sphere
  • Prevents some issues of it escaping the map through thin seams


  • Slide Tackle no longer pops up teammates
  • Slide Tackle no longer pops up Nyx in Ghostwalk


  • Reduced spit velocity from 25 to 20 m/s (1000 to 800 ups), reducing the max range it can be spat.
  • Acid Pool lifetime decreased from 10 to 5 seconds

Strogg & Peeker

  • Added new Passive: a short 1-second Crouchslide


  • Full Sprint Passive now grants him 320u base speed and 1.0 air accel
  • Due to his participation in the QPL, Visor has started to pick up some English (New VO)


Nailgun and Super Nailgun

  • Nail radius 0 to 0.05m, vs players only. Remains at 0 vs world collision

Rocket Launcher

  • Reduced grace distance for max splash damage from 12u to 8u - “how far away from the hitbox can you land a rocket and still receive max splash damage”

Lightning Gun

  • Reduced LG width radius 0.12 to 0.0625m (4.8 to 2.5u)


  • Removed Charge Meter on Zoom UI