Quake Store Featured Items – June 12, 2018

Looking for a little action around here? Look no further than these cosmetics for Slash and a legendary Quake 1 weapon that can be used with all Champions!

QC 7-12 Darque

Slash Darque Epic Set Complete Take a walk on the darque side with this epic skin set that includes all pieces and attachments! Yes, including that pretty pink ribbon, because who says you can’t be cute and a psychopath?

QC 7-12 Kitty

Slash Miss Kitty Kat Vanity Meow! You’ve got more than nine lives in the Arena.

QC 7-12 Perforator

Perforator Super Nailgun Four barrels, four times the fun with this cosmetic skin for the Super Nailgun! The model is centered on your screen, just like the original Quake.