Quake Champions Season 15 Update

QC S15 2022.WeaponSkins.v1 The latest Quake Champions update is now available, with all-new Vanity items, updates to maps and modes, Champion balance changes, and much more! QC S15.WeaponSkins

New Content

  • N80 ASSAULT RIFLE Heavy Machinegun
  • N22 SHOTGUN Super Shotgun
  • N72 MK II Rocket Launcher
  • Athena REBREATHER Vanity
  • Athena POWER SHIELD Vanity
  • Keel HUSK Vanity

Map Updates

  • Awoken - Fixed exploitable totem locations above power-up and above T.
  • Blood Run - Fixed exploitable totem location above RL staircase.
  • Burial Chamber - Fixed a totem out-of-bounds spot near SG lava pool
  • Citadel - Fix to bot nav at base dropdown entrances
  • Citadel - Fixed being unable to telefrag players at the lower base teleporter exit
  • Corrupted Keep - optimized armilary sphere shadows, fade to cached shadows at a distance
  • Corrupted Keep - optimized armilary sphere fx, disable when out of view
  • Deep Embrace - Fixed hole above lower Light Armor
  • Deep Embrace - Fixed being unable to telefrag players at the Quad power-up teleporter exit
  • Exile - Fixed turret from falling through upper bridge geometry
  • Exile - Fixed being unable to telefrag players at the two upper teleporter exits
  • Insomina - updated doorframe and window sill collision to prevent weapon clipping
  • The Dark Zone - Fixed being unable to telefrag players at the SNG room teleporter exit
  • The Molten Falls - Fixed being unable to telefrag players at the HMG teleporter exit
  • Tower of Koth - CTF & Sacrifice support, updated TDM item layout
  • Tower of Koth - Added an accelpad that leads into the Cathedral
  • Unified all capture domains, SAC to 15m, CTF to 5m high

Champion Updates

  • Reduced the size of the chest & leg hit volumes
  • Visor, while using Piercing Sight, will now colorize Quad, Protection, Soul, and Flag Carriers for enemies (solid colors) and teammates (outlines colors)
  • Peeker will now colorize Flag Carriers

Game Updates

  • Fixed floor material sounds on all landing and falling sound events
  • Fixed a crash caused during Scalebearer’s Bullrush
  • Enable Gore now covers Turret gore
  • Replaced GoreEnabled with GoreDetail and you can now hide dead bodies entirely
  • Removed the HitBeep OFF option, reduced some blueprint complexity, and may have resolved an issue that was causing the missing hitbeep sounds
  • All damage is now prevented at the end of a match (including late Ring-Outs).
  • Totems & turrets are now destroyed at the end of a match
  • Fixed scoring event medal CONTROLLER description. The medal is awarded for a long-distance direct rocket while using piercing sight, not for a long-distance kill.
  • Stop Anarki board fx when stopping special Main Menu animations
  • Added 1st & 2nd Place Medals to all Duel game modes
  • Improvements/fixes to the machinegun pips & menu cameras
  • Increased XP gain from Medals in Duel and 2v2 TDM
  • Fixed the Lobby screen being blurry when quickly leaving the prior match's Battle Report
  • Fixed Assistant Medals only being awarded at most once per match
  • Fixed the Offense medal description, which implied it could be earned in CTF - it is a Sacrifice only medal
  • Fixed the Strogg bow tie vanity fx color while cloaked
  • Disabled bots in Slash and Slide and Drone Wars, due to bots not being designed to properly play these modes
  • Fixed various typos in English strings
  • Fixed item category for Shaft & Eraser weapons in the shop, they were swapped so that it incorrectly showed the Shaft as a LEGENDARY RAILGUN and the Eraser as a LEGENDARY LIGHTNING GUN.
  • Fixed one cause of the Bullrush sound not playing on activation
  • Fixed Net Damage medal that appeared as a duplicate Net Master medal
  • Fixed Damage XP in XP Summary HUD
  • Fixed untranslated strings in Battle Pass rewards processing
  • Various code/engine updates to address errors in or improve the build pipelines

Service Updates

  • Anti-cheat updates
  • Memory corruption fix
  • Fixed: Chrome won't start after game terminates (or terminates when game terminates)
  • Fixed: Game occasionally hangs on exit
  • Fixed: Bitdefender now compatible
  • Startup time reduced (note: exe startup time, not game asset loading time)