Announcing The Quake® Pro League

Announcing The Quake® Pro League


For over two decades, challengers from around the world have competed at international tournaments in Quake, the truest test of skill in esports, for the honor of being crowned the best FPS player in the world. This year, at QuakeCon 2019 in July, we’re kicking off the brand-new Quake Pro League, where the best players in the world compete to shape their legacy. 20 pre-selected players will face off in a year-long linear tournament structure with multiple opportunities for Champions to rise and rivalries to form, and where the best-of-the-best will not only claim the title—they’ll have to defend it!

Quake Pro League Structure

QC ESports Schedule 2019-2020.v3 960x540px The Quake Pro League kicks off at QuakeCon 2019 and runs until QuakeCon 2020. The world’s best players—10 from NA/SA and 10 from EU/CIS—will compete at QuakeCon 2019 to earn their Global Ranking and begin their journey in the Quake Pro League. A new competitive mode, Timelimit Duel, has been tailor-made for the Quake Pro League to showcase the insane skill these diverse players possess, allowing for a wider margin of control and the chance for fan-favorite comebacks.

The QPL is divided into four stages. Each stage features 10 weeks of online competition, culminating in a major offline event where players will be flown out to compete face-to-face in guaranteed prized purse matches. Matchups will be based on players’ current global rankings. But caution to players who drop in rank, as new challengers are always waiting…

Quake Challengers

While the Quake Pro League will showcase the current best players in the world, hungry challengers will have their chance to unseat the pros in the Quake Challengers! Weekly online competitions in parallel to the Quake Pro League are open to all players in NA, SA, EU, and CIS. The top four highest-ranked Challengers (2 from NA/SA and 2 from EU/CIS) in a stage will also be flown to offline events! These Challengers will receive guaranteed prizing and have the opportunity to unseat the lowest-ranked Quake Pros in relegation matches, thus taking their Pro League seat in the next stage! Schedule Following QuakeCon 2019, the first league games will start in August with weekly online studio broadcasts every Sunday. The offline Major and Minor events will occur during November 2019; February 2020; May 2020; and conclude at Quakecon 2020. Get ready to root for the best FPS players in the world!

Meet The Pros

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