Quake Champions Mid-Winter 2022 Update

Hello Quakers!

Our Mid-Winter Update is now live, and brings a host of balance changes, tweaks, and bug fixes:


Map Updates

Deep Embrace

  • Fixed the collision issue near lower Light Armor
  • Added ability collision in the vista outside the power-up window


  • Fixed the collision at Heavy Machinegun Teleporter

QC insomnia heavy room-960x540


  • New Duel item layout:

    • Railgun moved to Power-up Dungeon
    • Shotgun moved to Railgun Ledge
    • Dungeon Cooldowns moved up above where they are in TDM/FFA
  • Fixed Duel & TDM starting spawns, updated respawn locations

  • Fixed collision issue at Heavy Armor window above the jumppad (dire orb could go out of the map)

  • Fixed a visibility popping issue at lower archway near Super Nailgun

  • Disabled the commemorative 25th Anniversary banners in all maps except The Dark Zone

Champion Updates

Clutch QC char head clutch

  • Starting Armor Points increased from 75 -> 100

SCALEBEARER QC char head bearer

  • Reduced passive Forward Ground Acceleration from 0.75 to 0.5
  • Reduced Bullrush Ground Acceleration from 170 to 150
  • Reduced Interruption Speed from 240 ups to 200 ups; if a rushing Scalebearer is slowed below the interruption speed, the Bullrush will stop
  • Added a 200-320 ups damage range for Bullrush so that below 320 ups hits deal 25 dmg instead of 0 dmg (This is only during bullrush, still no passive damage below 400 ups)

Weapon Updates


  • Added a center pellet to both Shotguns (increasing both max damages by 5, to 85 & 125 max dmg)


  • Nails now do 10 & 15 damage instead of 12 & 20 (which is 100 & 150 DPS instead of 120 & 200 DPS) — BUT they are easier to hit with now. Nails are now 10u wide instead of 6.4u wide

Sound Updates

  • New Audio Hit Beep Options: ( OFF | DAMAGE DEALT | ADDITIVE )
  • Reduced elevated pitch range from |-6 steps to +8 steps| to |-4 steps to +4 steps|
  • Reduced elevation distance volume reduction from -5db to -3db at the max attenuation
  • Fixed landing & fall sound volumes & mix
  • Fixed Slash third-person crouchslide sounds after death
  • Increased the volume of the Strogg >25 hp pain sounds
  • Added four new Strogg VO lines (1 frag, 1 assist, 1 respawn, 1 low health)
  • Prevent change weapon sound events from playing from the corpses of dead players & bots
  • Increased Diablo SSG shot sounds by +2db
  • Increased global max sound events value
  • Made pain sounds for teammates quieter
  • Athena Ability VO:
    • Reduced the first-person VO occurrence from 90% of the time to only 50% of the time
    • Reduced the volume by -2db
    • Reduced the chance of the "Woohoo" VO from 10% to 5%
  • Fixed Localized VO for Athena, Death Knight, and Strogg medals: Air Assualt, Bombardment, Floor Is Lava, Psi Radar, Rope Trick, Smelter, Swinger, and Trident
  • Fixed Tribolt max sound instances

Bot Updates

  • Slight nerf to bots' nailgun skills
  • Ability usage improvements


  • Allow new unidentified hardware detections to be set to ultra/high instead of med/low
  • CTF - once again schedule end-of-game after the final capture, but now with a 1-second delay, instead of none or 3
  • UI – Decreased the length of the Ranking Up & Down animations
  • Fixed Anarki & Galena pink armor shaders
  • Fixed the texture quality for all Lore Vanity items (Scroll 10)
  • Fixed watermark code that was trying to drop the "-master-https" string
  • Fixed a typo in the weapon switch/railgun loading screen hint
  • Added a game tip about pain sounds to the loading screen hints


  • Anti-cheat updates