A new mode and Champion swing their way into Quake Champions!

A new month is here, and that means a new update for Quake Champions! Along with the usual monthly optimizations to the game, the October Update also features three major content additions – Slipgate, Athena and a new weapon skin!

New Mode: Slipgate!

This objective-focused game mode pits two teams of four in a tense battle of offense and defense. The defending team must prevent the attacking team from sealing their Slipgate. If the defenders can hold off long enough, the Slipgate will open and they win! (Also, reality may or may not be torn apart in the process.)

QC Slipgate in-body 1

Players enter with all weapons available and full stacks of health and armor, which will come in handy as there are NO RESPAWNS in Slipgate. One frag and you’re out of the round!

To celebrate this new mode, we are also holding a special event – the Slipgate Festival! From October 11 – 31, the Quake community can earn special rewards just by racking up Slipgate matches. Learn more about the Slipgate Festival here.

New Champion: Athena!

After honing her skills in the Public Test Servers, Athena is ready for the big time!

QC Athena Oct in-body

With her versatile Grappling Hook, Athena can zip across the Dreamlands with the greatest of ease. Whether she uses the Hook for a daring escape from a losing battle or to get the drop on grounded foes, Athena is right at home with her fellow combatants in the Arena.

New Weapon Skin: The Annihilator!

QC Q4 HMG in-body

Rattle off rounds in style soon with this throwback to Quake 4’s take on the Heavy Machinegun!

Lockbox Map Changes

QC Lockbox BlindOculus Oct

We’ve updated the topography and item placement on Lockbox for better balance and play flow! Keep an eye out for our upcoming map guide!

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Like all our past updates, the October Update tweaks several components in the background to improve the balance and performance of Quake Champions. However, the October Update also includes a hardening pass especially dedicated to improving the overall stability of the game.

What does this mean? In short, it means several players will experience fewer framerate stutters, less wall clipping and smoother gameplay. Check out this Developer Diary to learn how the October Update improves performance and the Update’s patch notes for more details.

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