Myztro RAISY takes home the gold at Quake Champions Italian Esports Open 2018

Ten of Quake Champions’ finest took to Lucca, Italy for a chance at glory in the Italian Esports Open 2018, with Hungarian pro Myztro Adrián "Raisy" Birgány earning the top slot in the multi-day Duel Invitational event.

The Invitational, presented by ESL and Lucca Comics & Games, had something more than just money and bragging rights for its top contenders. In addition to first prize and $2,500, Myztro "Raisy" also earned a paid trip to this year’s DreamHack Winter in Jönköping, Sweden to compete in the festival’s 2018 Quake Champions Invitational Tournament. He battled his way through Nemiga “Cypher” (twice), AMD "Cooller", Myztro CLAWZ, BIG “K1llsen", and Team Liquid "Rapha" (twice) earning the status of “GODSLAYER."

Also earning a slot in the upcoming Tournament at DreamHack is Team Liquid’s Shane "Rapha" Hendrixson, who took second at the Italian Esports Open along with $1,750. Joining Myztro RAISY and Team Liquid RAPHA at DreamHack will be German competitor BIG Marcel “K1llsen” Paul, who came in third at the Open and fourth-place finalist Myztro Nikita "Clawz" Marchinsky of Belarus.

While the top four from the Italian Esports Open will be receiving a trip to DreamHack, the prize support from the event rewarded two more players. Comrade Gaming Marco “Vengeur” Ragusa and Nemiga Alexey “Cypher” Yanushevsky shared the fifth-place ranking at the Open, alongside $500 each.

Congrats to all the players who battled it out on the grand stage in Italy and for you players out there looking to be the best, click here to sign up for the DreamHack Winter 2018 Quake Champions Invitational right now! DHW will feature both 2v2 and Duel for a prize pool of $200,000 and sign ups close on November 23rd.