Hit the Ground Fragging with Quake Champions in Early Access!

In the Arena, victory belongs to the warrior who has the speed and skills to rise to the top. As deadly aliens, daunting cyborgs and hardened soldiers from other worlds come to stake their claim, however, one question will be answered: Do you have what it takes to be a Champion?

Welcome to the Arena

In Quake Champions, the franchise that invented the multiplayer shooter genre is back with new features, new characters, new maps, and news ways to frag for both newcomers and Quake veterans alike. Ready to enter the Arena? You can join in on Quake Champions’ Early Access program to not only play the game before it officially launches, but also help us build upon and improve Quake Champions as part of its founding wave of players!

How do I get Started?

Bringing you frags ‘n’ fun for just a fiver, the Starter Pack for Quake Champions is a great offer for both Quake vets and new players alike. For $4.99, this one-time purchase beginner’s bundle grants you entry into Quake Champions in Early Access along with a bunch of other goodies!


  • Instant access to Quake Champions in Early Access

  • 3-Day Trial of All Champions

  • 7-Day XP boost

  • 1 Reliquary

  • 5 Backpacks

  • 300 Shards

  • 500 Platinum

  • Scalebearer Arcane Blessing Vanity Item

QC EA Battle in-body 960x540

The ultimate way to dig into Quake Champions, the Champions Pack includes access to all Champions that are currently available – and ever will be – as well as three Reliquaries and a special Gladiator skin for Ranger exclusive to Early Access participants, all for a one-time price of just $29.99!

We are even offering a sale on the Champions Pack for a limited time only, so act fast!


  • Instant access to Quake Champions in Early Access

  • Access to all current Champions – including Ranger, Visor, Scalebearer, Nyx, Anarki, Clutch, Sorlag, Galena, Slash, Wolfenstein’s BJ Blazkowicz, DOOM Slayer, and Keel.

  • Access to all future Champions – including the newly released duo of Strogg & Peeker!

  • An exclusive Early Access skin for Ranger

  • 3 Reliquaries (top-grade loot boxes containing in-game cosmetic items such as skins, shaders, nameplates and more)

  • Access to custom game features

Brand-new to Quake Champions? Here are some of the features and faces you’ll encounter that are currently available in the Early Access build of the game:


Do you like to go into battle solo, or with a squad of friends? Prefer surviving in a brouhaha of other players or going one-on-one with a singular opponent? In Quake Champions, there’s always more than one way to frag!

  • Deathmatch – It’s you against the world. Frag anything that moves!

  • Team Deathmatch – Two teams face off against each other in this 4v4 Deathmatch variant!

  • Duel – Ready to go one-on-one? It’s just you and your opponent in a tense best-of-three battle!

  • 2v2 Team Deathmatch – Grab a partner and face off against an enemy duo!

  • Sacrifice – Seize the Soul and fight for control over powerful Obelisks in this competitive 4v4 mode!

  • Instagib – Every shot is a one-hit kill in this frenetic and fun mode made for everyone!


It wouldn’t be Quake Champions without Champions! Each warrior that steps into the Arena features their own set of unique stats and traits alongside a powerful ability that can turn the tide in their favor!

Every Champion is unique and offers their own style of play – find your favorite today!


QC Champions NYX in-body 960x540

Watch your back! This assassin can use her Ghost Walk ability to slip between dimensions and get the drop on unsuspecting foes.


QC Champions SCALEBEARER in-body 960x540

A warlord with a chip on his shoulder that you don’t want ramming into yours. Once he starts his Bull Rush, those unfortunate enough to get caught in his path usually wind up as smears.


QC Champions ANARKI in-body 960x540

A cybernetics junkie, Anarki always looks to push his body through augmentation. His Health Injection ability can bring him back from the brink while also giving Anarki the rush of his life!


QC Champions SLASH in-body 960x540

Skating her way into the Dreamlands, Slash doesn’t slow down for anyone! Her Plasma Trail ability leaves behind a deadly path of energy that can explode on command to frag any tailgaters.


QC Champions CLUTCH in-body 960x540

Once a simple mining automaton, Clutch now sets asides drills in favor of a Rocket Launcher. With its Barrier up, Clutch can raise an impenetrable force field in front of itself to nullify enemy attacks and then finish the job with its mining laser!


QC Champions GALENA in-body 960x540

Offered up to the Celebrants of Volkerh to be a paladin for an unholy cosmic entity when she was just a child, Galena has little empathy for anyone – least of all her foes! Galena can tag key spots of the battlefield with her Unholy Totem ability, healing allies in its radius while damaging enemies that veer too close!


QC Champions RANGER in-body 960x540

A lone Marine trapped in the Dreamlands for over two decades, Ranger fights to retain what little memory he has of his old life. Ranger can teleport short distances throwing his Dire Orb – a special ability that also deals damage to any foes that get in his way.


QC Champions VISOR in-body 960x540

Visor is a result of GRU military experiments that dabbled in cybernetics, genetic modification and perhaps even some things beyond the capabilities of “normal” science. With his grafted mask, Visor’s Piercing Sight ability can see enemies through walls – guaranteeing they have nowhere to hide.


QC Champions SORLAG in-body 960x540

The fearsome alien huntress Sorlag is as cold-blooded figuratively as she is literally. In battle, Sorlag can use her Acid Spit ability to leave caustic puddles of acid that poison any enemies who make contact.


QC Champions BJ in-body 960x540

Wolfenstein’s own freedom-fighting badass has entered the Arena! Thankfully, BJ still retains his running-and-gunning expertise, including his Dual Wield ability that doubles his firepower in a flash!


QC Champions DOOMSLAYER in-body 960x540

He has been to Hell and back again. He rips and tears foes to pieces barehanded with his Berserk ability. He is the bane of Demonkind. He is the DOOM Slayer.


QC Champions KEEL in-body 960x540

Lance Corporal Ben Keel, seemingly killed on duty during an attack on a mining colony, was revived with a new robotic body that transformed the Marine into a walking arsenal. Keel’s Grenade Swarm ability brings the boom with a volley of lobbed explosives!


QC Champions STROGG in-body 960x540

An alien fusion of metal and flesh, this vicious being has infiltrated the Dreamlands alongside his AI drone companion. During battle, Strogg can take control of Peeker to deal damage from the sky or with a devastating self-destructive blast, making for a deadly duo!


No matter how fearsome or skilled a Champion may be, going into the Arena bare-handed is sure to end poorly. With three Starting weapons to help you survive, you’ll need to master each map to locate the weapon pickups before your opponents and prepare to do some serious damage!

Starting Weapons:


QC Weapons MG in-body 960x540


QC Weapons NG in-body 960x540


QC Weapons SG in-body 960x540


HEAVY MACHINEGUN – Improving upon the Machinegun, this fast-firing beauty is reliable in medium-to-long range encounters.

QC Weapons HMG in-body 960x540

SUPER NAILGUN – Boasting the high damage rate over time, the Super Nailgun is balanced by its slow-moving projectiles, requiring you to predict your enemy’s movements to get the most out this weapon.

QC Weapons SNG in-body 960x540

SUPER SHOTGUN – As devastating to up-close enemies as it is satisfying to use, the Super Shotgun is the ultimate finisher.

QC Weapons SSG in-body 960x540

ROCKET LAUNCHER – Capable of tons of damage, knocking back enemies, and performing the iconic Rocket Jump maneuver, the Rocket Launcher is the bread and butter of Quake Champions.

QC Weapons RL in-body 960x540

LIGHTNING GUN – With a steady hand and constant pressure on your foe, the Lightning Gun can evaporate a Champion’s health and armor in a mere moment.

QC Weapons LG in-body 960x540

RAILGUN – Sacrificing fire rate for raw damage output, the Railgun can do massive damage in just one shot. Aim carefully, however, as missing will leave you exposed for a long period of time.

QC Weapons RG in-body 960x540

TRIBOLT – The Tribolt fires timed explosives in a three-part volley, making it great for turning enemies into smoldering chunks at close and medium range.

QC Weapons TB in-body 960x540


Strafe jumps, direct rocket hits and multikills are one way to express yourself but choosing how you look as you enter the Arena can be just as important! In Quake Champions, players can mix-and-match different cosmetic items to make a Champion that suits their own personal taste.

QC EA Customize in-body 960x540

The quickest way to build up your collection of cosmetics are through Backpacks, Chests and Reliquaries, which are earned through gameplay or are available to purchase in the Quake Champions Store with either Favor or the premium Platinum currency.

Depending on the tier of container, you have a better chance of opening rare vanity items, skins and shaders to recolor both your Champions and arsenal of weapons. It’s your Quake – add your own aesthetic to it!


In each Mode, Champions duke it out across a wide range of otherwordly, meticulously detailed Arenas, exercising control over their opponents for precious weapons, health and armor pickups. Memorize and master each Arena and you’ll be sure to make your mark!


QC Arenas BLOOD COVENANT in-body 960x540


QC Arenas RUIN OF SARNATH in-body 960x540


QC Arenas BURIAL CHAMBER in-body 960x540


QC Arenas CHURCH OF AZATHOTH in-body 960x540


QC Arenas CORRUPTED KEEP in-body 960x540


QC Arenas LOCKBOX in-body 960x540


QC Arenas TEMPEST SHRINE in-body 960x540


QC Arenas BLOOD RUIN in-body 960x540


QC Arenas VALE OF PNATH in-body 960x540


QC Arenas AWOKEN in-body 960x540