Quake Champions Summer Update 2020

An all-new arena rises from the Netherworld, beckoning Champions to find glory between its jagged stone teeth. Meanwhile, a new season begins, tempting worthy combatants to earn highly sought-after weapons from a far-flung future. The Quake Champions Summer Update is available NOW!

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Rising from its viridian morass, a row of skyward teeth speak to the chosen a singular truth: come to know this key and you will open any lock.

Tower of Koth is a new Ithagnal-themed map supported in DM, TDM, CA, Duel, Instagib, Unholy Trinity, and arcades.


Earn much-requested Quake 4 weapon skins in the Summer Battle Pass!

q4 bypass large

• Level 1 – CITIZEN KANE – Q4 Blaster Pistol (Starting Machinegun)

• Level 50 – PAINKILLER – Q4 Shotgun (Super Shotgun)

• Level 100 – RAVAGER – Q4 Hyperblaster (Super Nailgun)

• New Lore – Commander at the Slipgate – Collect all 6 to unlock the Heavy Machinegun, Super Shotgun, and Super Nailgun Master Shaders!


• Fixed CA 4v4 round spawns, teams now swap sides each round

• Lowered round score limit from 10 to 7

• Fixed ties resulting in both teams earning a point, causing total round counts to exceed the required round score limit

• Reduced intermission time between rounds by half (10 to 5 sec)

• Removed the “Prepare Your Team” VO from round start after Round 1

• Removed ability cooldown icons from HUD team heads

• Fixed scoreboard sorting issues


• Reduced size of soul collision from 3m to 1.6m radius


• Power-up spawns return for the duration of Season 7


• Fixed collision on floor between Rocket Launcher and Heavy Armor jumppad, where the floor slightly ramped up in one doorframe, which could interrupt crouchsliding movement.

• Fixed collision on floor between Mega Health and Railgun walkway, where the floor slightly ramped up in one doorframe, which could interrupt crouchsliding movement.


• Added Doom Slayer pain and death sounds

• Set of <50 hp grunts

• Set of <25 hp grunts

• Set of death sounds

• Removed the 15 frags and 10 frags left VO from Time Limit Duel

• Reduced the volume of Visor’s non-HRTF third-person footsteps

• Reduced the volume of the ability ready sound effect

• Reduced the volume of the champion main menu and prematch SFX & VO

• Reduced the volume of Athena's abiltity VO and hook sound effects.


• Fixed Timelimit Duel champion select UI which was visible on some aspect ratios on the death screen

• At the end of the match, briefly delayed exiting the arena after the match's objective or scorelimit has been reached so players and spectators can view the final frag.

• K/D Ratios unified to the same formula for consistency across various scoreboards

• Fixed SLASH DARQUE skirt shader support

• Fixed BJ PRO LEAGUE knife vanity placement

• Fixed MOONSOON third person shader support

• Fixed MARAUDER shotgun shells not vanishing on Nyx during Ghostwalk

• Fixed ERASER weapon fx not vanishing in Nyx Ghostwalk

• Fixed PUMMEL gauntlet, removed an untextured mesh visible at all times but most visible during Nyx's Ghostwalk

• Fixed SHAFT bloom on Tempest Shrine

• Removed ability on respawn for Rip and Tear arcade mode

• Fixed the image quality of the Profile Icons in lootbox presentations

• New orange shaders or all weapons available for preview

• Updated black shaders, making them black instead of charcoal gray

• Updated the Watch Browser to display the official QUAKE stream