Quake Champions Fall 2021 Update

As the old autumn adage goes, “what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits”— for those that have been waiting for some fresh weapons skins, nameplates, map fixes and further champion balance changes, this update comes bearing fruit!


New Season 12 Battle Pass Content

QC Fall2021.WeaponSkins 960x540 Hell-raiser

  • New vanity Rocket Launcher


  • New vanity Railgun

New Nameplates

  • 13 new Nameplates

New Arcade Mode

Impulse 9

  • To pay homage to the original Quake console command, this new arcade mode features: infinite ammo, all weapons

New Client Options

Game Options


  • Prevents sending and resuming in-game chat messages in the public match channel
  • This will not disable Team, Party, or Direct message chat

Map Updates

Burial Chamber

  • Fixed staircase collision from Heavy Armor to upper mid

Corrupted Keep

  • Fixed projectiles going through the floor tiles under the Light Armor near Rocket Launcher
  • Reduced the number of particle emissions in the embers, ash, and lamps in an optimization pass
  • Removed totem exploit outside the Heavy Machinegun boneyard
  • Improved collision on Rocket Launcher & Heavy Machinegun jumppads

Deep Embrace

  • Reduced the lifetime of all sfx particle by half in an optimization pass
  • Reduced particle emission numbers by 90% in an optimization pass
  • Fixed an issue that prevented placing a totem placement near Power-up teleporter exit
  • Moved an exploitative spawn location near Super Shotgun further towards Mega Health
  • Fixed the collision on three steps players could get stuck on, on the staircase leading from Rocket Launcher to up high
  • Fixed collision on the staircases surrounding the watery Railgun ammo pool


  • Fixed players clipping into the ceiling when exiting the Railgun teleporter
  • Fixed the turret from self-destructing on the Super Nailgun jumppad
  • Fixed a hole in the ice staircase near the Light Armor in the Lightning Gun room
  • Fixed an issue with the wall behind the Light Armor in the Lightning Gun room that could result in Ranger falling out of the map when teleporting to the Dire Orb
  • Fixed an issue in the tunnel below the Light Armor in the Lightning Gun room that could result in Ranger falling out of the map when teleporting to the Dire Orb

The Dark Zone

  • Fixed bots behavior that caused them to constantly use the teleporters
  • Added a visibility block for performance optimizations
  • Removed an initial spawn that was in too close vicinity to another

Champion Updates

DEATH KNIGHT QC char head knight

  • Fireballs splash damage now decreases with distance from 25 damage for a direct hit down to 10 damage at its max distance
  • Fire dot duration has been reduced from 10 to 7 seconds

DOOM SLAYER QC char head doom

  • Removed all auto-targeting and camera auto-lock behaviors, in favor of a new Berserk lunge-punch
  • Double Jump velocity reduced from 7.5 to 6.875 m/s
  • Increased the volume of the third-person double jump sound effects

NYX QC char head nyx

  • Increased Ghostwalk telefrag radius from 0.5 to 0.75 meters (20 to 30u)

SORLAG QC char head sorlag

  • Acid dot duration has been reduced from 10 to 7 seconds

Miscellaneous Game Updates


  • Updated Play Now artwork
  • Extend post-match delay before forcing clients to the main menu from 25 to 45 seconds
  • In Sacrafice, Strogg will now detonate the drone when second pressing the ability key while holding the soul, instead of throwing the soul
  • Team and Ranked game modes now limit the number of Emergency Respawns a player is permitted from the Esc->Respawn menu
  • Added the ability for a game mode to have a minimum player score (-10), and kick a game client when their score goes below the minimum allowed score with the assumption the client is AFK or griefing
  • Disable the emergency respawn button after it is clicked, and have it remained disabled until after max respawn time has passed
  • Slightly reduced the Quad Damage firing sfx in third person


  • Fixed the visible mouse cursor during map loading when raw mouse input is enabled
  • Fixed crouch sliding sound effects from lingering after a Slash or Strogg dies while sliding
  • Clear on-screen ability fx at the end of the match. Fixes Strogg's Peeker, DOOM Slayer's Berserk, and Anarki's Injection overlays for example
  • Updated the Scoreboard graphics and medals positions to improve chat message visibility
  • Removed the broken Watch Browser menu and repositioned main menu icons
  • Fixed Legal Header size that overlapped and hid the Press-X-to-Close graphic in some languages
  • Increased the width of the medals text fields on the Player Profile to make room for two more digits
  • Fixed Super Nailgun sound effects that could cut out when multiple people continuously fire at full ammo capacity
  • Fixed Reaper Railgun muzzle flash third person VFX that too far into the weapon model
  • Fixed Trailblazer Tri-bolt that had no muzzle flash in third person