Quake Champions – BJ Blazkowicz, New Maps, New Weapon & More

During the Bethesda E3 2017 Showcase, the Quake Champions Closed Beta servers were briefly offline for maintenance… and when they came back up, there were a lot of surprising new additions, including the introduction of Wolfenstein’s leading man, BJ Blazkowicz, to the Champion roster. The E3 2017 update also adds new maps, a brand-new weapon and a host of new and improved features to explore. With this update comes some very exciting news: the Closed Beta will continue and will be kept live 24/7 from here on out with only brief periods of downtime for maintenance. If you haven’t been able to join the Closed Beta yet, don’t worry – more people are continuously being let in, so sign up now and you’ll immediately receive your beta key.

New Champion, Weapon and Maps

The Arena welcomes one of id Software’s other gun-toting badasses, BJ Blazkowicz, into the fray. The dual-wielding soldier is more than ready to take on the other Champions in the bloody battlefields of the Dreamlands. Thanks to his active ability, BJ will be able to dual-wield any of the weapons in the game, including the newly added Tribolt. We’ll have a full Champion trailer and profile for BJ on Wednesday, so keep an eye out for more “Terror-Billy.”

Three new maps have also been added to Quake Champions, including two Duel-specific maps. Try out Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch in the new trap-laden Lockbox map, then explore the depths of Blood Run and Corrupted Keep as you mercilessly hunt down your opponent in Duel mode.

New Features

This update brings with it a slew of new features, as well as improvements to existing features. These include Spectator mode, custom games, changes to the Sacrifice mode ruleset, improved matchmaking, and New Player Help in the form of video tutorials.

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