Check out the QuakeCon 2v2 Open and Duel Showdown this weekend!

QuakeCon 2018 is almost here, and that means huge LAN meetups, big reveals during the Bethesda QuakeCon Keynote and of course – esports!

With $200,000 in prizes on the line, the best of the best will take to the Arena this weekend for some of the most intense Quake Champions competition at this year’s QuakeCon.

The QuakeCon 2v2 Open

Pairs of pro Quakers take to the stage in this two-day brouhaha for a cut of $175,000 in prizes! Beginning Friday, August 10, at 10AM CST, the first day of the 2v2 Open pits competing teams in the Arena until only eight duos remain.

An influencer-studded casting team featuring familiar voices in the Quake scene - Victor “Makaveli” Cuadra, Jason Kaplan, Ryan “Ketchup” Neal, Xavier “Zoot” Dhorne and Alex Jehar” Popa - will provide coverage of the event starting at 1PM CST.

The eight surviving teams return Saturday, August 11, to battle it out in the Finals, but only one pair of Quakers will get to take home the Pummel trophy – a sturdy prize designed after one of Quake Champions’ in-game Gauntlets! The tournament broadcast, presented by ESL, begins at 10AM CST and is scheduled to play out until 9PM CST.

The QuakeCon Duel Showdown

Friends become foes as Sunday hosts the Duel Showdown! The top eight teams from the 2v2 Open Finals will be split up into individual brackets based on their rank from the previous day and duke it out in 1v1 elimination matches until only one player is standing – and to that champion goes a whopping $25,000 prize and prime bragging rights.

The Duel Showdown starts at 8AM CST and goes until 5PM CST, so prepare your cheers and stay tuned to Quake and QuakeCon on social media to make sure you don’t miss a single frag.

Will Team Liquid’s Rapha and DaHanG maintain their 2v2 dominance after an impressive showing at Dreamhack Tours earlier this year? Will former teammates Xron and Clawz, who’ve both swapped partners since the Tours, become the new champs? Will a new name emerge to steal the spotlight? Be sure to catch the action this weekend at QuakeCon 2018!

Quake Champions isn’t the only thing to get excited for. Check out the QuakeCon 2018 lineup to see the entire schedule for this year’s show.

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