Bots Galore, Gore and More – What lies ahead for Quake Champions

As Quake Champions continues to improve and add features in Early Access, we thought we’d catch our fellow fraggers up on what’s in store for the game. Our recent dev stream touched on a lot of topics that you Quakers have been asking for, including adding bots and a new system dedicated entirely to more realistic – and just more – giblets. Did you miss the stream? No worries! Here are details for some of the exciting new features in the pipeline for Quake Champions.


You asked; we’re going to deliver – bots are coming to Quake Champions! These AI combatants will feature a scalable skill level that will help experts hone their abilities and teach new players how to play and win. These adjustable levels influence a range of traits for the bots, including movement, weapon usage and combat tactics.

QC Gore Kills

Bot support for Quake Champions will roll out in phases, with the first phase supporting Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Instagib modes. Initially, bots will not use Champion abilities, but that will come in later phases, along with support for more modes, Champions and other capabilities.

Gore System

Quake’s arsenal of weapons isn’t known to just leave bruises. Rather, they leave behind smears, stains and smudges of what was once a foe. To showcase the ferocious combat and the visceral injury that the Arena doles out, we’re adding a full-fledged Gore System to Quake Champions!

QC Gore Clutch 2

Of course, there’s more to the Gore System than just throwing some guts in the air and calling it a day. Each Champion is getting their own gib-able makeover, with attention to their armor, organs and various cybernetics and appendages – the system even adjusts these flying flesh and body chunks based on the special skins and shaders you’re wearing!

QC Gore Visor 2

On top of blasted bits to accompany your kills, the Gore System contextually scrambles up fragged foes based on what dealt the lethal blow – be it an explosive Rocket Launcher blast or a torso-bursting hit from the Super Shotgun. Sure, it’s macabre, but nothing says “victory” quite like bloody fireworks made from your enemies’ entrails!

Daily Rewards & More Loot

A Daily Rewards system is now live in Quake Champions, giving players prizes each day just for logging in. Each consecutive day a player logs in during a week, the Daily Reward gets sweeter and sweeter, eventually including free premium Platinum currency. Not bad, eh?

QC Daily Rewards in-body

Want even more goodies? Going forward, Quake Champions also plans to increase the EXP players earn in matches, meaning levelling up will be much faster and, most importantly, players can net more Backpacks, Chests and Reliquaries!

That’s not all! To make things even more rewarding, we will be reducing the duplicate rate for items in all Loot Boxes. Don’t worry, the Shards you get from Daily Rewards and cashing in duplicate items won’t go to waste – in fact, they’re getting better!

Changes to the Quake Store

Another change coming to Quake Champions is more under-the-hood than adding bots and bits. Soon, players will be able to spend Shards on weapon and Champion shaders in the Quake Store. This decision gives players more flexibility on what to spend their hard-earned currency on, while also making duplicates – even when reduced – still valuable to those saving up for that special new color scheme.

On the topic of flexibility, we’re also trying something different with Champion Rentals. Originally, Champions could be tried out on a trial basis by spending in-game Favor, which could then become a permanent purchase only by spending Platinum.

QC Gore Triple

Going forward, we plan to do away with spending Favor on Champion rentals, replacing them with a roster of free Champions that rotates on a regular basis. Sweetening the deal, we plan to offer players the option to purchase Champions using Favor in addition to Platinum. Yes, that means you can now get your hands on the latest Champions like Keel and Strogg just by playing!

These plans are only the tip of the iceberg. Other in-game features like death cams, displaying teammates’ stacks and individual Champion balances (we see you, Anarki fans!) are also in the works. For details, be sure to watch the dev stream on the official Twitch channel here. There’s even more on the horizon as we continue to make Quake Champions the best way to frag, so as always, stay tuned!