September Patch Update 06.09.18

Greetings Champions!

We’ll be deploying an update on 06.09.2018 that includes a new map: Longest Yard, Arcade Modes, Quake 2’s Super Shotgun Vanity Skin “Trespasser”, Champion & Weapon Balance Changes and performance polish. We estimate the update process will take from 8AM EDT – 2PM EDT (11AM GMT to 6PM GMT).

Build Highlights:

New Map: Longest Yard QC Quake Champions Longest Yard 960p.36MB Only the power of the Rune of Black Magic prevents the floating ruins of Volkerh’s tabernacle from tumbling into the Blind God’s oblivion-maw.

  • The classic bottomless space map returns! Beware railguns and ringouts in this open area map where jump pads propel you to new heights and distant floating islands.

Arcade Modes

A brand new way to queue up and play! The Arcade is a weekly rotation of rule modifiers that shake up how you play Quake Champions in fun, different ways. This month we’re introducing four new modes, one for each week of the month (in order of appearance):

Unholy Trinity Holy Trinity weapons only: the Rocket Launcher, Railgun, and Lightning Gun! This is the only mode with abilities disabled. QC.Holy.Trinity.960p.40MB Hot Rockets Rocket Launchers only! Your own rockets won’t hurt you (so rocket jump to your heart’s content), but they’ll do triple damage to your enemies! QC.Hot.Rockets.960p.40MB Mystery Champion Each time you respawn, you’ll come back to the Arena as a random Champion! QC.Mystery.Champs.960p.40MB Team Instagib Now you can play this one shot, one kill mode with friends! QC.Team.Instagib.960p.40MB

New Weapon Skin:TrespasserQC Quake Champions Trespasser 960p Like a Berserker bursting out of a monster closet, the pump-action QUAKE 2 Super Shotgun likes to get up close and personal to its target, only to obliterate it.

Bot Backfill support Bots will now fill in when players leave during a match to prevent uneven games

Performance Updates

In this update we’ve included a number of performance improvements:

  • Gore System improvements – Decreases performance spikes caused by players respawning
  • Logic optimizations – Reduces performance spikes upon respawn; score events; entity creation & destruction; and increases FPS
  • Particle and Sound Effects optimization - Reduces hitching issues

Balance Changes

Champion Balance Changes


  • Cooldown 50 to 45 sec
  • Disable Shoot Duration 1.35 to 0.75 sec

BJ Blazkowicz

  • Cooldown 40 to 45 sec
  • Duration 7 to 5 sec
  • MG Rate of Fire 1.6x to 1.5x
  • LG Rate of Fire 1.6x to 1.45x


  • Cooldown 35 to 40 sec
  • Duration 7 to 5 sec
  • Shield Hide Time 0.7 to 0.9 sec

Death Knight

  • Splash Bug Fix
  • Added Splash Damage Falloff
  • Cooldown 30 to 45 sec
  • Duration 8 to 6 sec
  • Flame Dot 10 to 5
  • Added 10 Damage on Trail (Standing on fire deals damage, similar to standing on Slash’s Plasma Trail)


  • Improved Bull Rush target detection
  • Bull Rush Damage Reduction 0.5 to 0.66


  • Max Speed 18 to 50 m/s


  • Scale 1.15 to 1.1x
  • Disable Shoot Duration 1.0 to 0.75 sec

Strogg & Peeker

  • Delay before Charge 1.0 to 0.75 sec
  • Peeker Step Height 0 to 0.3 m


  • Duration 6 to 5 sec

Weapon Balance Changes


  • Spread 0.02 to 0.03

Heavy Machinegun

  • Spread 0.045 to 0.03
  • Zoom Spread 0.01 to 0


  • Rate of Fire 800 to 1000 ms

Super Shotgun

  • Rate of Fire 1050 to 1000 ms


  • Rate of Fire 1000 to 1200 ms
  • Starting Ammo 15 to 10 bolts
  • Max Ammo 25 to 20 bolts

Gameplay Updates

Party Queuing for Deathmatch and Instagib

  • Want to frag your friends in free-for-all modes? Of course you do, and now you can! Players in parties can now queue up for Deathmatch and Instagib Quck Play modes.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Ring outs on opponents now count as frags


  • Added skill banding to increase size of matchmaking pools for “very low” and “very high”-skilled players


  • Scalebearer bot battle tutorial segment now replayable

Friends List Updates

  • Added "View Profile" Feature - Players can now access the profile page of other players on their contact lists or in their match lobbies
  • Hide banned players names from in-game player searches
  • Banned players are removed from leaderboards

UI Update

  • New ‘Play Now’ menu QC.PlayNow.960px Screen BLUR
  • Tutorial UI Changes
  • Leaderboards Moved to top navigation Panel

Store Updates

  • Decreased lootbox duplicate rates
  • Chests contain 2 items of common, uncommon, rare, epic, or legendary quality, and every box contains at least one item that’s rare quality or better!
  • Reliquaries are a premium loot box that contains 3 items of uncommon, rare, epic, or legendary quality, and every box contains at least one item that’s epic quality or better!

Misc. Updates

  • Store: Scroll Visibility Update
  • Disabled Voice Chat for Russia

Misc. Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the bots not respecting the respawn time settings
  • Fixed an issue during match queue where game fails to start a match after saying "Match Found"
  • Fixed an issue where the music loop stops during the match
  • Added fixes for frequent hitching during gameplay
  • Added fixes for players having FPS and performance drops throughout the match
  • Fixed issue in Lockbox where Muzzle flash alters lighting of entire rooms
  • Added a fix for when servers added more than 8 players & bots into a match
  • Fixed an issue where completing Basic Training did not unlock the 2nd tutorial appropriately
  • Fixed an issue where Entering Customization through the Runes page from the Battle Report caused the camera to be off center
  • Fixed an issue where Spectators could receive "connection to dedicated server lost" prompt and experience infinite loading
  • Fixed an issue where the Game could become unresponsive when navigating from the statistics screen to player profile and back
  • Added a fix for when Death Knight Flame Strike damaged players but there was no flame effect
  • Fixed issue where players would spawn on fire when viewed from 3rd person
  • Added fix where players were unable to search Deathmatch or Instagib while in a party
  • Added fixes to address bots falling out of the map at start of a match with 4+ bots
  • Fixed issue where user may crash while on the Podium screen for 2v2 Ranked
  • Fixed an issue where players were not ordered correctly on post-match lineup after sudden death
  • Fixed a Steam store issue where String text pop-up appears when attempting to purchase Platinum with Steam Overlay disabled
  • Fixed an issue where Death Knight could inflict Two Fire DoT's to enemies
  • Fixed an issue where users could receive error 104 during matches
  • Addressed various in-match crashes
  • Fixed incorrect Champion rotation on the pre-match podium
  • Fixed an issue where a dark line would appear on low pre-sets on The Molten Falls
  • Fixed an issue where on Low settings dark textures on floor are present on Blood Covenant
  • Fixed an issue where finishing damage was not displayed sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where hitmarkers could fail to appear when damaging an enemy
  • Fixed an issue where Death Knight bot's name appears as a string text in matches
  • Fixed an issue where some weapons clip into model in 3rd person
  • Fixed an issue with Custom Game: Default icon and description text for Bots Setup and Difficulty dropdowns was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where server and client trajectories of Dire orb in corners and obelisk appear different
  • Fixed an issue where there was missing light on some items
  • Fixed an issue where Sorlag: Pack Lord Attachments are removed when the Player quits the game
  • Fixed an issue where in Basic Training: Z-fighting near lightning gun in room with bot
  • Fixed an issue where in Basic training: missing wall geometry near portal
  • Improved bot UI element hit registration in Custom Game
  • Fixed an issue where Rocket Launcher and Tri-bolt shells damage through Clutch's shield
  • Fixed an issue where Death Knight: Charring: Melee Passive ability does not do the correct DoT
  • Fixed an issue where Strogg: Drone: Drone’s Projectiles sporadically appear invisible in third person
  • Improved playback performance of the start up cinematic video
  • Fixed an issue where after finishing custom game match a player appears on main menu
  • Fixed an issue with rareness colors on tooltips in lootbox sequence and tooltips in shop are different
  • Fixed an issue where Spectator: Sacrifice: Spectators can receive "connection to dedicated server lost" prompt and experience infinite loading
  • Fixed an issue where in custom game in Ranked TDM 2x2, spectator watching player of blue team always sees him in the 1st place on scoreboard
  • Fixed an issue where music sometimes stops during Ranked TDM match
  • Fixed an issue where player receives "Ring Out" medal on suicide
  • Fixed an issue where Pure Skill challenge cannot be completed with Nyx's From the Shadows medal
  • Fixed an issue where low ammo sounds from nailgun can be heard when shooting plasma gun
  • Fixed an issue where bots can be added on a pillar after starting a match
  • Fixed an issue where Menu is opened when right-clicking mouse on bot in custom game, if a player's in a party
  • Changed default fov parameters (120) and sensitivity parameters (3)

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