Quake Champions Summer 2021 Update

Quake DM6

As the old summer adage goes, “sun’s out, guns out”—and there’ll be plenty of weapons-in-hand in the Arena! (Hopefully yours pointed at the enemy, and not vice-versa.) We’re celebrating 25 years of Quake in this update, so get ready for a rocket blast from the past with a retro map, classic weapon skins, and lots more—including new anti-cheat measures to keep the fighting fair!


New Map

  • THE DARK ZONE - The textures may be retro, but the gameplay is timeless. Return to one of the classic Quake multiplayer maps, DM6 – The Dark Zone.

New Customizations

  • TRAILBLAZER Tri-bolt - Classic Quake Legacy Grenade Launcher
  • LAST-RITUAL Super Nailgun - Quake Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon Laser Cannon
  • REAPER Railgun - Classic Quake "Legacy" Railgun — Ranger's Quake third-person World View Weapon Model!
  • QCON 2021 Gauntlet - This commemorative gauntlet will be available during QuakeCon 2021!
  • CHROME Shaders for all Champions - Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Silver, and Black
  • PINK Champion Shaders - One for each Champion
  • PINK Weapon Shaders - One for each weapon that has color shaders

Quake Summer 2021 Guns

Store Updates

  • The weapons and some vanity items from previous Battle Pass seasons are now available in the store.

New Client Options

Game Options

  • Added NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency - Reflex Low Latency Mode aligns game engine work to complete just-in-time for rendering, eliminating the GPU render queue and reducing CPU back pressure in GPU intensive scenes. This delivers latency reductions above and beyond existing driver-only techniques, such as NVIDIA Ultra Low Latency Mode. Available in Game Settings. (Nvidia Maxwell, Pascal, Turing, or Ampere GPUs with R455 drivers required.)
  • Menu Framerate Limit - Added a max FPS Limit for while in the main menu. (Default 120, min 60, max 250)
  • Streamer Mode - Use the Main Menu Framerate Limit when minimized to maintain the stream's FPS quality.

HUD Options

  • Damage Number Summation - Damage numbers now show a total of recent damage dealt to a target, aggregating high rate of fire weapons into a combined damage dealt number. Select between Off, Damage Type (default), and All Recent Damage.
  • Crosshair Hit Color - Choose a crosshair color to flash when dealing damage. Must be enabled with "Crosshair Hit Color Enabled".
  • Crosshair Hit Scale - Players may now choose to scale their crosshair either larger or smaller when hitting a target.
  • Speedometer - Players may choose between "Off", "Below Crosshair", and "Below Portrait" to alter the HUD placement of the Speedometer.
  • Ability Info Position - Players may now choose to move the Ability Icon from the center of the screen and push it to either the LEFT or RIGHT side, useful for either players with centered weapons, or those who just wish to group this information near either the Health & Armor Vitals or the Ammo info.

Control Options

  • Mouse Input – Players can now choose between Raw Mouse or DirectX mouse input
  • Respawn Players may now change the default "SPACE" bind for issuing a respawn on the death screen.

Audio Options

  • HitBeep - Select the sound made when hitting a target. Choose between:
    • Off (no sound)
    • Damage Based (sound based on how much damage was dealt)
    • Single Sfx (play the base hit sound regardless of damage dealt)

New Anti-Cheat

  • We have added anti-tamper security methods and have taken actions to significantly reduce in-game cheating and exploits. This added level of protection will continue to strengthen over time.
  • We recommend that any users experiencing issues disable third-party software while playing; in particular, any software that attempts to integrate with our game by creating overlays or performs keyboard or mouse automations.
    • Some GPU “tuning applications such as Riva Tuner or MSI AfterBurner may cause compatibility issues. If you experience gameplay issues, please disable these applications while playing.
  • Test Signing is not supported. The game will not launch if Test Signing is enabled.

Map Updates

All Maps

  • Added 25th Anniversary flag banners to all maps.


  • Fixes to prevent Ranger from falling out of the map when using the Dire Orb too close to the hole in the Heavy Armor wall.
  • Removed unwanted totem placements outside the curved cooldown hallway

Blood Run

  • Removed the ability to place totems above the Heavy Armor teleporter entrance

Burial Chamber

  • Removed unwanted totem placements in the Heavy Armor pit


  • Fixed the initial spawn locations in TDM

Corrupted Keep

  • Fixed the staircase collision between the power-up and Mega Health

Deep Embrace

  • Fixed the medium & low Level-of-Detail meshes for the Heavy Armor wood planks, to prevent non-existent gaps from showing.
  • Additional fixes to the wood plank platform near Heavy Armor, to resolve hit collision between the planks on various settings of detail.


  • Improved collision on Power-up bridges, Mega Health ledge, Mega Health pit, staircase between Rocket Launcher and power-up, lower HMG teleporter entrance, above the vestibule doorway (across the Heavy Armor pit), and the Tri-bolt ledge.
  • Added additional respawn locations and reduced the cooldown on the existing respawn locations
  • Removed the ability to place totems around the edges of the Heavy Armor pit, the edges of the Railgun pit, and behind the teleporters

Ruins of Sarnath

  • Fixed Tri-bolt staircase collision

The Molten Falls

  • Removed an out-of-bounds totem spot near Mega Health

Vale of Pnath

  • Increased the cooldown of the spawn near the Heavy Armor pillar to prevent it from being chosen as a valid option in quick succession

Duel Updates

  • Heavy Champions now spawn with 75 AP instead of 100 AP, the same health & armor stack used by heavy Champions in all other game modes

Champion Updates


  • Fixed his movement box height to prevent his head (and your view) from clipping through ceilings
  • Adjusted the volume of Anarki's first-person hoverboard sounds


  • Fixed Nyx being able to telefrag enemies (via exiting a Teleporter) while still in Ghostwalk
  • Fixed the Q3 Shotgun bar not vanishing with Nyx Ghostwalk

Strogg & Peeker

  • Peeker Gib updates - reduced lifetime from 7 to 3 sec, disabled his glowing eye when dead, removed smoke fx to help performance

Miscellaneous Game Updates


  • Added new Champion voice lines


  • Fixed the Ranger QUAKEGUY Outfit shaders colors
  • Fixed Lootbox Main Menu Quality
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Gauntlet Damage to be dealt on a respawning enemy from their death position.
  • Some cleanup to the Weapon Position code
  • Fixed the enemy weapon fire sounds cutting on for several Nailguns and Machineguns (Freezegun, Ravager, Citizen Kane, Executioner)
  • Fixed a memory leak that occurred upon leaving a match.
  • Fixed Keel customization vanity camera positions
  • Fixed Galena customization main, set, and head camera positions
  • Fixed the Eisen Salvage text description
  • Fixed Fiendish Hood Russian description translation
  • Fixed Enforcer Helmet Russian name translation
  • Fixed Italian localization from causing overlapping text on the scoreboard
  • Fixed Russian translation for TOGGLE SPECTATOR HINT
  • Fixed Flintlock Shotgun description in several languages
  • Fixed the Keel Battle Report camera position
  • Fixed THUNDERBOLT animation errors


  • Optimized UI for Improved Menu Transitions
  • Reduced the volume of the Citizen Kane shots
  • Increased the Framerate Limiter max value from 300 to 500.
  • Main Menu UI - removed the items unlocked box, the total items per champion weren't always obtainable, upsetting players
  • In Settings-> HUD, sorted Enemy Indicators above Teammate so that it would not be hidden below the fold and because it is prevalent in all game modes.
  • Very slight adjustments to the Battle Pass menu (font weights, colors, etc) and the Battle Pass main menu icon
  • Removed the ability to disable reflections in the config file.
  • Re-ordered customization tabs to Outfit, Weapon, and Progression, and set Outfit as the default tab.
  • Removed the unused tab on the Player Profile Menu
  • Removed the two unused tabs on the in-game Social Menu

In-game Display Names

The following display name rules have changed:

  • Names must be 4 or more characters
  • Names cannot have leading, consecutive, or trailing spaces If your username doesn't meet the new requirements, it will prompt you to rename. These changes ensure that all player names will be searchable within Contacts and reduce cases of impersonation.