Quake Champions – Ruins of Sarnath Arena Trailer

Time weighs heavy on the Ruins of Sarnath and nature has taken hold, dripping verdant greens into the wreckage of this ancient temple. Now, untold ages after they rose from the inky blackness of the Dreamlands, the Ruins of Sarnath are a blood-soaked killing field where Champions from the waking world fight to the death. The Ruins of Sarnath is currently playable in the Quake Champions Closed Beta. Signups are still open, so come join us in the Arena.

Do you dare to make your way through the tight corridors of the Cistern in order to quickly move throughout the Arena? This could be the perfect place to lay some traps if you’re playing as someone like Galena or Slash.

Or maybe you would prefer the more open nature of the Ziggurat Base and Temple Mask areas of the Arena. Traverse the rain- and slime-slicked stairways and gain the high ground to give yourself an advantage over incoming attackers.

But whether you prefer open spaces or the claustrophobic underbelly of the Arena, you’re probably going to want to brave the trek into the chamber where the Eye of Cthalha rests, as that’s where the prized Quad Damage power-up can be found.

Join the Closed Beta now and prove your might in the Ruins of Sarnath.

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