Quake Champions 2020 Spring Update!


Spring is here and it's time to jump right in with an all-new game update! Full notes:



  • 4v4 team-play found in Practice, Quick Play, and Custom Game
  • Eliminate the other team to win the round, win 10 rounds to win the match
  • Players spawn with all weapons and full ammo, no items spawn on the map!
  • Players do not drop items on death (shards, health, stroyent, weapon)
  • Players spawn at full stack for their Champion:
    • Heavies: 175 HP / 200 AP
    • Lights: 175 HP /150 AP
    • Mediums: 175 HP / 175 AP
  • Active abilities are disabled


  • Same rules as 4v4, except there are half as many players and no breakable pots
  • Can multi-queue alongside TDM 2v2


  • Ranger only
  • 200/200 Stack
  • Active abilities disabled


  • DOOM Slayer-only FFA Mode
  • Spawn 120 HP / 0 AP
  • Spawn with Super Shotgun and infinite shells
  • Spawn with Berserk ability ready, with an insta-glory-kill punch


1 New Outfit, 4 New Weapons; 5 returning Weapons; 3 New Spring Vanities; 13 returning Spring Vanities; and MORE!

Level 1 Premium - MONSOON Quake 4 Rocket Launcher Quake Champions Monsoon Level 2 Free - MARAUDER DOOM Eternal Super Shotgun Quake Champions Marauder Shotgun Level 45 Premium - SHAFT Quake 3 Lightning Gun Quake Champions Shaft Level 70 Premium - ERASER Quake 3 Railgun Quake Champions Eraser Level 100 Premium - MECHA SORG Sorlag Outfit Quake Champions Mecha Sorlag


Show your support for the Quake Pro League with this new Outfit & Weapon shaders bundle! Quake Pro League Outfit Bundle

  • Themed in the colors of the Quake Pro League!
  • 16 new outfits with included attachments
  • 11 new weapon shaders
  • All proceeds support the Quake Pro League!


Bethesda.net BDK integration updated:

  • Now on the most current integration of the Bethesda.net services
  • Resolves many issues which may cause some players to not be able to connect or maintain a connection (Error 1501 for example)


  • Significantly reduced the texture memory load on all quality settings


  • Time Played and Avg Lifetime stats fixed
  • Battle Report and Post-match statistics screens will now no longer be skipped due to these stats overflowing


Light Champions

  • +25 Staring Armor Points (in all modes excluding Duel) Heavy Champions
  • -25 Starting Armor Points (in all modes excluding Duel) Anarki
  • Decreased the volume of the Anarki first person jump and move hoverboard sounds Death Knight
  • Fixed fireballs so they now properly apply the DOT on impact
  • Lowered the fireball damage from 25 to 20 each
  • Changed DK firetrails so that they no longer give a DOT, but instead give damage when standing on the trail. Trail damage is 10 pts every 1 sec standing on the trail. Standing on more than one trail will result in 10 damage per trail Slash
  • Increased the volume of the third person crouch sliding sound effects Sorlag
  • Max speed cap reduced from 640 to 600 ups
  • Removed the hitbox cylinders from Sorlag's tail, to prevent unexpected or odd knockback Strogg
  • Increased the volume of the third person crouch sliding sound effects



  • Extended an anti-totem domain to include an exterior wall outside of the map Blood Covenant
  • Removed some spawns from Duel, one near Lightning Gun and one near Super Nailgun Tempest Shrine
  • Added Duel support using the smaller TDM/DM version, but with the Rocket Launcher and Super Nailgun locations swapped. The Molten Falls
  • Added an anti-totem domain below the hallway between Railgun and the nearby Teleporter
  • Added anti-totem domain between Rocket Launcher and Mega Health on the outside route Vale of Pnath
  • Fixed an out of bounds exploit at the secret Teleporter where players could stand/hide on some rocks


  • Show Damage Offscreen - Display damage done off-screen at the edge or bottom of your screen
  • Damage Number Scale - Scale up the font size of the damage numbers


  • Fixed the End of Match Delay that would either cause the match to quickly cut away before you could see the final frag, or allow someone to get a frag just after the timelimit or fraglimit were reached. Both now fixed
  • Fixed the Main Menu texture quality of all items added to the game since November 2018, they appear in highest quality regardless of Texture Quality settings (textures are streamed in as called)
  • Increased the size of the nail projectile model for improved visibility (their red glow is now more noticeable. This does not affect its hitsphere or likelihood to hit)
  • Fixed the round timer getting out of sync with the round start in round based modes
  • Round VO for Rounds 4-19+ added for game modes with an extended number of rounds
  • Attack & Defend was reverted back in both name and game rules to the original Slipgate. Because A&D was too close to Clan Arena, we felt it best to have these modes be unique and stand apart. If you liked the old Slipgate, rejoice. If you preferred A&D, please give Clan Arena a try
  • Pulsar Railgun FX fixed in third person (now green instead of blue)
  • Fixed “sound size” of the Mega Health to match the Heavy Armor (some noticed MH was harder to hear than HA despite having the same radius and volume)
  • Reduced the volume of the Q4 CONSTRUCTOR SNG first person hum
  • Removed death sound effect from elimination based modes
  • Glow effect on new attachments when they are first equipped in the customization menu
  • Fixed Custom Game game mode defaults for score and timelimit, so that you no longer have to remember to set their values
  • Added support to play vs bots in Custom Game in Time Limit Duel, TDM 2v2, Clan Arena 1v1, and Clan Arena 2v2
  • In the 1v1 modes, bots must be set to Random
  • In the 2v2 modes, bots may be set to Custom or Random
  • Updated all game mode icons to unify their design language

Known Issues

  • Players launching Quake Champions from the Bethesda.net Launcher are currently unable to purchase additional Platinum from the in-game Store. Players are still able to purchase items using existing Platinum on their accounts. We are currently working to release a hotfix for this issue ASAP. In the meantime, players using the Bethesda.net Launcher can purchase Platinum through the online Digital Store