Quake Champions Fall Update

The Quake Champions Fall Update is here! This update includes a brand new Cthalha-themed map, and spooky Season 8 Battle Pass rewards just in time for Halloween.



"And when the day arrives, I'll become the sea. Slip into a deep embrace and let it swallow me."

Ancient moss and monstrous trees have taken root across this island temple of stone and wood. Deep Embrace is an all-new map for Duel, DM, TDM, CA, Instagib, and UHT. QC DeepEmbrace Body


Earn new Halloween-themed vanities and Quake II weapons in this season's Battle Pass. QC Fall Q2Weps

  • OLD PAINLESS – Quake II Chaingun, a vanity for the Heavy Machinegun
  • EXECUTIONER – Quake II Hyperblaster, a vanity for the Super Nailgun
  • INCINERATOR – Quake II Ground Zero Plasma Beam, a vanity for the Lightning Gun

QC Fall halloween

  • Anarki WARLOCK BROOM Halloween vanity

  • DOOM Slayer JACK-O-LANTERN Halloween vanity

  • Galena WITCH'S HAT Halloween vanity

  • Nyx WITCH's HAT Halloween vanity

  • Ranger JACK-O-LANTERN Halloween vanity

  • Slash WITCH's HAT Halloween vanity

  • New Lore – Dreamer – Collect all 6 to unlock the Master shader for Gauntlet, Tri-bolt, and Rocket Launcher


  • Burial Chamber - Duel support added, available in Custom Game
  • Burial Chamber - Added two Lights armors to TDM/FFA/Duel item layout
  • Church of Azathoth - Fixed collision at Mega Health
  • Ruins of Sarnath - Fixed collision above the lg jumppad
  • The Molten Falls - Removed the collision exploit in the MH-side vista
  • Tower of Koth - Removed the mega-health-side Shotgun in Duel
  • Tower of Koth - Fixed power-up initial spawn times
  • Tower of Koth - Fixed hole in geometry near the base of the Protection balcony
  • Tower of Koth - Fixed exploitative collision outside window, where players could hide
  • Tower of Koth - Removed 4 hourglasses in Duel (two near tower, two near RG)


  • Death Knight - enabled fire trail dot


  • Shotgun farspread increased from 850 to 900


  • Duel - Minimum respawn distance lowed from 50m to 35m radius, 40m to 50m tall
  • Duel - Reduced minimum respawn time from 3 to 2 seconds
  • Unholy Trinity - Disabled power-up spawns
  • Added CA style damage scoring to CTF, SAC, SLP
  • Clan Arena 2v2 has been removed from Ranked Play, still available in Custom Game


  • Added Bloom Toggle
  • Added Flares Toggle


  • Increased the volume of third person movement sounds in the mix by +2db
  • Changed the Strogg pain sounds to make the pain levels more distinct
  • Changed the Quad and Protection pickup sound effects to no longer reuse the Mega Health pickup sound.
  • Added a unique sound effect for when Protection wears off
  • Updated the firing sound for THE ORIGINAL Quake 1 Rocket Launcher
  • Fixed the CITIZEN KANE Macheingun single shot sound, which was causing two shot sound effects for a single bullet tap
  • Fixed the CITIZEN KANE Machinegun reload click delay
  • Fixed the RAVANGER Super Nailgun firing sound when rapidly tapping fire
  • Fixed flyby and impact sounds for the RAVANGER projectiles, they were using the DISRUPTOR sounds
  • Added four new (louder) wooden footstep sounds that have a more pronounced "wood thomp" to them to help players identify when someone is moving on wooden surfaces.


  • Fixed the alignment of Athena’s grappling hook crosshair
  • Added a gradient behind the custom game lobby map description for improved readability
  • Removed "Appearance" tab label in Customization


  • Added charcoal weapon shaders
  • Orange weapon shaders updated (slightly darker orange)
  • Fixed the Corpse Grinder hoverboard vanity item in Medium quality
  • Fixed the TESLA Lightning Gun model quality in Low, Medium, and High
  • Removed the third-person glowing dynamic light from the Long-Stem Railgun


  • Increased the Avatar of Death medal XP from 10 to 1000